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10 Most Stubborn Pest Infestations To Treat

Almost all pest infestations are difficult to treat. Whether it’s ants, rats, squirrels or fleas, most pests are extremely stubborn. But which pest infestations are the most difficult to deal with? As pest exterminators we are probably the best people to answer this question and offer up residential pest control services. And in our experience, here are 10 most difficult pest infestations. When it comes to pest infestations, here are some of the most insidious.

1. Cockroaches

These are probably the most difficult pest infestations to get rid of. The reason why is because they are extraordinarily good at surviving. Cockroaches can live in even the most brutal conditions. They also need very little food to survive and can move at a blistering pace. What’s more, these insects breed at a phenomenal rate. Their eggs and larvae are also extremely tiny, making them tough to spot and remove.

2. Ants

Believe it or not ants are the second most difficult pest infestations to treat. One of the trickiest facts about ants is their size. Because they are so tiny it’s almost impossible to get rid of every ant. These insects also burrow deep into the ground. This makes them very difficult to reach. There may also be thousands of ants in a single colony.

ants in the house

3. Bed bugs

These bugs are horrific. Mostly because of the bites they inflict on their victims. They are extremely small, about the size of a grape seed. This means they can hide in even the tiniest cracks and crevices inside your bed or furniture. These bugs are also completely clear until they have fed. After this they turn blood red. All of these facts make them very difficult to get rid of.

4. Rodents

Rodents are difficult to exterminate because they also breed quickly and can survive everywhere, including in your garden. These pests are also good at squeezing into tiny and difficult to reach areas. This includes places like walls and sewers.

treating rat infestation

5. Birds

What makes birds difficult to remove is the fact that they can fly. Any attempt to remove them means they simply leave. Once the exterminators are gone the birds will often simply come back. This is even if you have anti-bird deterrents.

6. Fleas

Fleas are like ants. They are extremely tiny and difficult to track down. These pests also have an ability to jump that is beyond belief, another reason why they are hard to exterminate.

7. Moths

While moths are not particularly difficult to get rid of, they can be extremely destructive. The issue with these pests is that they can utterly destroy your carpets, upholstery and clothing. Their eggs are also very easy to overlook. These will hatch meaning the problem starts all over again.

clothing moth infestation

8. Flies

Once again flies are difficult to tackle because of their breeding abilities. Flies can lay up to 600 hundred eggs in the span of a few hours. These can hatch in as little as 1-2 days. This gives flies the ability to breed at an exponential rate, which can quickly lead to pest infestations.

9. Wasps

What makes wasps tough to exterminate is their aggression. These insects attack anyone who tries to interfere with their nests. They will swarm and sting you and specialised protective clothing must be worn. Wasps also often return to places where nests were previously built.

10. Foxes

The problem with foxes is that there are always more of them. They are intelligent and often bold. As soon as you get rid of one problem fox, two more arrive.