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10 Signs You Have Mice In Your House

Do you have mice in your house? Before you hire an exterminator, it is important that you ascertain if you do actually have mice. Here are 10 things you should look out for to determine if your home is infested.

1. Visible sightings of mice

This is by far the most obvious and definite sign. Mice do not go far from their nests. According to researchers, mice will not venture more than 20-30 feet from where they live. This means that if you see a mouse there is more than likely a nest nearby. And if there is a nest it could potentially mean there are dozens or hundreds of mice in the area. This is why mouse proofing your London house is so important.

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2. Droppings

The biggest and most common sign that you have mice in your house are droppings. Mice defecate almost constantly and produce a lot of droppings per day. You will most often find droppings in areas where mice may be feeding (like your cupboards). Mice droppings are small (about a quarter of an inch) and shaped like pellets. They are dark brown and have slightly pointed ends. Also keep an eye out for fresh droppings. Fresh droppings increase the likelihood that mice are in your house right now. These are and dark and shiny, while old droppings are dry and can look almost chalky.

3. Gnaw marks

Just like rats, mice will gnaw on everything. They most often gnaw when trying to gain entry into somewhere, such as your home or cupboards. Check places like windows and door frames for gnaw marks. Also check baseboards, cupboards and walls. Look for tiny tooth marks and the residue of wood chips. Mice will also sometimes chew electrical cables so keep a look out for that.

4. Signs of obvious damage

This goes hand in hand with the above point. If you are seeing obvious signs of damage it could be mice. Look out for anything which has been chewed, gnawed on or otherwise torn to pieces. This is where it gets serious and requires London mouse control services as soon as possible.

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5. Strange noises, especially at night

Mice are nocturnal creatures. If you have mice in your home, you will probably hear strange noises at night. These will generally emanate from your roof, attic or walls. They will usually take the form of scurrying, scratching, squeaking or even a type of shrieking (heard when mice fight with each other).

6. Your food packaging is torn open

Mice in your house will make a beeline for the food cupboard. In most cases the mice will tear open any food package they find. If you wake up and find a gaping hole in your cereal box or pasta, then you probably have mice.

8. Trails and smear marks

Rodents will often leave behind dirty marks and trails. Mice usually follow the same pathways over and over again. They will leave marks and footprints along these trails. These often appear as dark smudges and can be found at the entrances to cupboards or near to their nests.

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9. There is a musky smell in the house

Mice are filthy creatures and stink to high heaven. If you have mice in your house there will often be a musky smell. You may also detect the strong odour of urine. Mouse urine is a matter of pest control safety and needs serious attention to avoid health risks to your family.

10. Are your pets behaving strangely?

Pets have a superior sense of smell. This means they can detect the presence of mice in your house long before you do. Do they sniff persistently in one place, such as the door to a cupboard, for no obvious reason? If your pets seem overly excited or are behaving strangely this could indicate the presence of mice.