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7 Warehouse Pest Prevention Tips

If you’re in the storage business, then warehouse pest prevention is absolutely critical. When pests get into your warehouse they can cause serious issues. These issues may have financial consequences for your business, which is why pests cannot be tolerated. But what can warehouse owners do when it comes to UK warehouse pest prevention? Anyone who is struggling with warehouse pest prevention should immediately implement the following policies.

1. Figure out your pest control needs and risks

Warehouse pest prevention begins with identifying your pest control needs. To start with, look at your history of pest issues. Have pests been a problem in the past and what did you do about them? Also think about things that could attract pests. What are you storing and are these things desirable to pests?

2. Create a plan of action

You need to decide what you’re going to do about pests. Will you lay down poison, set traps or implement another solution? Think about how and when you’re going to do this to protect your commercial property.

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3. Take staff into consideration

Also understand that health and safety is important. Think about the way that pests may affect your staff members. Pests can spread disease so that is something you should take into consideration. They can also cause damage that may harm staff.

4. Report and record your efforts

Keep records whenever action is taken. This will help to improve your pest control policy. You need to log things like pest sightings as well as their frequency, time etc. Also keep a record of solutions that you have enacted. For example, when and where did you spray poison or leave traps, and what type of affect did this have? These types of records may also be required by law, so make sure you keep them.

report efforts

5. Be careful when implementing solutions

Think about the ways that pest control solutions can harm staff. You need to be extremely careful when using things like poisons and traps. These could possibly poison staff members, which is why it’s important to know what you’re doing. Also make sure that no staff are present when spraying poisons.

6. Prevent them from getting in

Pests usually get in where there is an entrance for them to get in. Have a look for entry points. Do you need to leave doors open? All entrances should be controlled and remain closed as often as possible.

7. Consider hiring a pest control company

If you’re really serious about warehouse pest prevention, then it’s best to hire a pro by asking the right questions. Pest control companies can be placed on contract and will handle any pest issue. Doing this is also safer than allowing staff members to handle dangerous pesticides.