mind blowing facts about ants

8 Mind Blowing Facts About Ants

Ants are some of nature’s most fascinating insects. There is much more to these incredible creatures than meets the eye. And in this article, we’re going to reveal 8 mind blowing facts about ants from around the World. Ants do need to be controlled, but while you are waiting for your insect fumigation appointment, let’s look at these incredible facts about ants.

1. Fire ants cause 3 million pounds of damage per year

This might seem incredible but it’s true. The reason why is because of their painful sting. This figure mostly comes from the medical costs incurred by people seeking treatment for their bites. Other costs include damage done to livestock and crops.

2. Ants are phenomenally strong

One of the most mind-blowing facts about ants is that they are the strongest insects on the planet. This, of course, is relative their size. According to scientists, an ant is able to lift and carry more 60 times its bodyweight. To put this into perspective, if you had ant strength you’d be able to lift a car over your head.

ants are strong

Ants have also been found to work together to move objects. Meaning there is virtually no limit to what they can carry. The reason why they are so strong is because their bodies are light and also because of their exoskeletons. Ants don’t have to support a skeleton, which means all of their strength is used for carrying objects. What’s also interesting about ants is that they can use their strength to swim across large stretches of water.

3. Some ants can live for decades

Most insects only live for days (and some live for hours). But certain species of ants can live for decades. The species we’re referring to is the pogonomyrmex occidentalis – otherwise known as the western harvester ant. The queen of this species is able to survive for more than four decades. Not only that, some colonies of these ants are more than 20 years old.

ant farm hill

4. More facts about ants: they are blind and deaf

One of the most unusual mind-blowing facts about ants is that they have neither ears nor eyes. Their only sense is touch, which they use to navigate by picking up vibrations. These vibrations are picked up through their feet. Ants also use their antennae to navigate the world. Plus they have a sense of smell which is said to be 4-5 times stronger than most insects.

5. The biggest ant colony is over 5000km long

Want more mind-blowing facts about ants? Here’s another one. Did you know the world’s biggest ant colony is more than 5000km long. Discovered in Argentina this super colony is made up of 35 different colonies of ants. According to researchers it has millions of nests and over a billion worker ants.

carpenter ants

6. Ants don’t breathe with lungs

One of the strangest mind-blowing facts about ants is the fact that they don’t have lungs. Instead they breathe through tiny holes scattered over their bodies. Oxygen and carbon dioxide enter and exit these holes. This means they are pretty hardy creatures and makes ant control in London more difficult for everyone.

7. Carpenter ants live in wood

While all ants build their colonies in the ground carpenter ants are an exception. As the name implies these ants build their colonies in wood. They have powerful mandibles which are used to dig through trees. This also means they are able to significantly damage your house. This is a very good case for pest proofing your London home against insects.

8. Mind blowing facts about ants? They build farms!

Here’s our final fact in this list of mind-blowing facts about ants. It turns out that ants are the only creatures on earth, besides humans, who build farms. Ants are widely known for farming aphids, which they then harvest for their honey dew. They do this by herding the aphids and also sheltering these bugs in their colonies.