Tips to Become Your Home's Pest Defender

Tips to Become Your Home’s Pest Defender

Have you ever found any pests or insects inside your home? If so, what will be the first step you will take to eliminate them? This is the biggest question among many people who do not have any idea about controlling pests. In order to eliminate the pests after the infestation, you can defend their presence before they enter your home. There are many important factors to consider while preventing your property from pests and insects. In this article, we are going to discuss the tips to become your home’s pest defender.

Yes, you can become your home’s pest defender on your own, this will not need any qualification or technical equipment. You can follow the tips listed below which can effectively defend against the presence of pests.

Tips to Become Your Home’s Pest Defender

1. Reduce the growth of Plants and Mulch

Reduce the growth of Plants and Mulch

Trim all the unwanted grass and weeds around your home and cut down any branches from trees that touch the wall or window. The elimination of unwanted mulch in your garden bed will reduce the place for microorganisms and garden pests to stay.

2. Seal Doors and Windows

Insects like termites, bed bugs, ants, and flies can enter any of the tiny holes, so try to seal all the cracks and gaps in walls, windows, and doors. Try to use screen mesh that contains 200 holes per sq.inch this will effectively defend against the pests trying to enter your home.

3. Check for Cracks or Gaps

Check for Cracks or Gaps

Doors and windows are not the only ways for insects to enter your home. You should inspect the property thoroughly and if you find any cracks or gaps inside or outside like foundations and attics seal the gap immediately.

4. Properly Dispose of Trash and Litter

Trash and rubbish are the major attractors of pests and rodents. It is important to clear your wastes regularly and immediately and store the wastes in a tightly closed metal trash bin. Because rats and mice can chew any type of material, it is not good to have a plastic trash bin. Make sure the bin does not have any holes or leakages, because food waste can easily attract fruit flies.

5. Rinse Recyclables

Rinse Recyclables

If you have recyclables in your home, try to wash them regularly, and store them in a closed container after use. A used product can contain food stains and it will attract pests easily.

6. Use Right Light

Use Right Light

If you have house flies or horse flies around the light, try to replace them. Most people use fluorescent lamps and mercury vapor lights that attract termites, try to replace them with sodium vapor lights or halogen lights. Prefer yellow, pink, or orange tints which are not the best attractor of pests.


The above listed are the 10 Tips to Become Your Home’s Pest Defender. These methods are effective to defend against pests, but you should repeat the process regularly. If you really need to get rid of pests for years, hire a professional pest control service. The experts will help you to eliminate the pest infestations.