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Can You Still Get Pest Control In Lockdown?

Is it still possible to get pest control in lockdown? Yes, unlike the majority of industries, pest control is considered an essential services. This means our services are still available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. But why is this? Why are we still allowed to operate when so many businesses have been shut down?

Why pest control in lockdown is so important

The reason why pest control in lockdown is still available is because of disease. What you have to understand is that most pests spread diseases. From rats to cockroaches, flies, birds, and fleas, almost all pests carry diseases. As you can imagine this is a serious problem, and it’s even more serious during a global pandemic.

The fact is that without 24 hour pest control, certain types of vermin will quickly multiply out of control. This also means that the diseases they carry may be transmitted to humans in greater numbers. This is obviously something you’ll want to avoid when so many people are already ill, especially in places like hospitals.

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A good example of this is the hantavirus, which has recently been in the news. This is a virus which is spread through the droppings of rodents. It’s also transmitted through their saliva and urine. According to reports, this virus is almost as bad as having COVID-19. And it’s because of things like these that pest control in lockdown is still available.

What you also have to realise is that hundreds of businesses are closed during this period. These businesses, such as restaurants, are highly vulnerable to pests. Many businesses have been completely overrun by vermin, and this has caused millions of pounds in damage.

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Pests have also delayed the reopening of businesses in some cases. When added to the money that has been lost due to lockdowns, these sums become astronomical. For this reason, the government has wisely allowed pest control in lockdown for pest contracts to continue. By giving us license to operate, we can at least mitigate some of this damage and protect businesses.

We can operate safely during the pandemic

Another reason why pest control in lockdown is still being allowed is because it’s easy for us to maintain hygiene. Did you know that most pest control technicians already use PPE when on the job? About 90% of our workday is spent clad in protective gear. This means that clients are almost entirely protected from making contact with our technicians (and vice versa). There is basically zero chance of the virus being transmitted to you.

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What you also have to understand is that pest control technicians have access to powerful cleaning chemicals. While many companies have had to spend thousands of pounds on sanitising chemicals, we already have access to these chemicals. We use some of the world’s strongest chemicals, poisons, and pesticides on an almost daily basis. Our equipment and vans are sanitised at least once a day with these chemicals. Ultimately, this means the virus has almost no chance of surviving anywhere near our business.

Despite all this, we’re taking the greatest precautions possible when doing pest control in lockdown. Our staff wear face masks when they’re not on the job. They also take great pains to socially distance whenever possible, and also wash their hands frequently. We’ve also made sure to furlough all non-essential staff. Anyone who can be sent home has been sent home. Finally, we keep detailed records of all jobs, in the event that contact tracing needs to be done.