Commercial Pest Control Types We Provide

Looking for commercial pest control services? Depending on what type of property or business is being run, you will more than likely need customised services. This is because each type of pest control job brings its own unique quirks and challenges. Our commercial pest control services are second to none, and always tailored to the needs of your business premises. Here are just a few examples of premises we cater for, and the issues each type of property presents.

Property management companies

In this situation, you will probably have a large number of properties that must be serviced. These also need to be routinely maintained in order to keep your tenants happy. More than likely, these are residential or commercial properties. Either way, the presence of pests will make your tenants extremely unhappy, so they must be dealt with straight away. Failure to do so can result in complaints from residents. They might even decide to move out and find somewhere else to work or live.

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Commercial pest control for warehouses

Many warehouses store perishable goods like food. Others store valuable items. In both cases it’s important that certain pests, especially rats and mice, are dealt with. If businesses don’t do this regularly, those goods can get damaged or even destroyed entirely. Warehouses are also very large properties with lots of places for pests to breed unnoticed. For this reason, commercial pest control is critical. You need to take preventative action against pests before they take over the property. We provide one off services or long term pest control contracts in London for all kinds of establishments, large or small. Just call us to enquire how we can help your business stay pest free.

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Nursing homes

It is especially important that nursing homes remain free of pests. An infestation could lead to disease or residents being harmed. This in turn could result in consequences that the care home may be held responsible for. There could also be lawsuits involved.

With nursing homes, you also have to bear in mind that the residents are older. This means that they could be more vulnerable to the effects of pesticides. There could also be issues if you have to move residents when you are spraying pesticides. Many of the more frail people in this situation cannot be moved from the home for any reason. Due to this, it is often better to use environmentally friendly commercial pest control methods such as heat treatments.

Office buildings

Pests are not as big a deal in office buildings as they are in other types of commercial or industrial properties.

That being said, the presence of pests could do enormous damage to your reputation. If potential clients or customers see pests in your office building, it could create an extremely bad impression. This could very easily dissuade them from doing business with you.

In addition to this, pests can make people uncomfortable in the workplace and lower productivity. Due to this, it’s important that you engage commercial pest control professionals and maintain your premises appropriately.


When it comes to restaurants, the main focus of your commercial pest control will be eliminating pests that reduce food safety. These are primarily pests such as rodents, cockroaches and fly control problems that can spread disease. Preventing these types of pests is highly important. An infestation could result in sick customers and damning health inspections. The consequences of these outcomes include loss of reputation and customers, plus fines or even being shut down entirely.

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Schools are different to the properties listed above. This is because most schools are not commercial enterprises. That being said, the presence of pests can still be a problem. No one wants to deal with pest related issues when there are children involved. Some of these issues can include the spread of diseases caused by pests, bites and stings, and allergic reactions to name a few. Children could also report the presence of pests in your school. In which case, you might have to deal with angry parents.