4 Common Pest Entry Points – How to Seal Them Off?

Many residents frequently query how these bugs are even getting into my home. The response? However, they can. Many of the pests in the UK can squeeze through small openings; for example, bark scorpions can fit through a space just 1/8″ wide or the width of a credit card. Roof rats require more room for obvious reasons, yet they may still enter through relatively small gaps. Here, we have listed the 5 common pest entry points and how to seal them off.

4 Common Pest Entry Points

Improperly sealed doorways

Improperly sealed doorways

Many pests enter your home through this route. Many house front doors do not close tightly against the threshold, leaving a tiny opening through which pests can enter. In addition, the garage door may not have formed a tight seal against the concrete due to wear and tear.

Foundation utility penetrations

Utilities must enter through the foundation of every home. There is still a chance for wood-boring insects to tunnel inside your house at each location. Termites are infamous for hiding behind toilets and under sinks.

Cracks in the foundation

Cracks in the foundation

The majority of pests enter homes through the foundation, which is where your house meets the earth. So it makes sense that bugs use foundation cracks to access walls. Ants, cockroaches, termites, and Joro spiders can fit through very small foundational cracks or openings. Your home contains moisture, food, and warmth, which will draw them in. Once inside, they have the potential to ruin your belongings, taint food, and grow.

Roof vents

Roof vents

Many of the stucco homes in the UK have roof vents close to the roof line. These vents are crucial for your property because they allow heat and moisture from the roof to escape by moving from the vent on the eve or roof to the vent at the ridge. However, if they are not secured, pests, particularly roof rats, may use them to enter your home.

When there are trees that hang over the roof or are close to it, this most frequently happens. Rats scale the trees and then venture onto a branch to enter your house. They will then proceed to the open vent in the attic to enter.

How to Seal the Entry Points?

  • Add weather stripping to the door or replace it.
  • Add a mesh or grate-like material to all the holes in your vents
  • Try to fix all the cracks in the foundation using cement


The above listed are the 4 common pest entry points; it is important to seal all the entry points to avoid pest infestations. It is always best to prevent issues before they cause them, so hiring a professional pest control service is advisable. The experts will inspect your place for the presence of pests and conduct a control treatment to eliminate all the pests in your place. They will also provide instructions to keep your place pest-free for the future; follow them regularly to avoid pests in your home for years.