children and asthma

Connection Between Pests And Childhood Asthma

Asthma in children is a common problem in the UK, as well as globally. You don’t want to see children suffering from anything. You also don’t want to see them being held back from living to their fullest. Part of helping children overcome allergies starts with identifying where the allergies are coming from. While there are multiple sources for allergies, a good association has been found between asthma in children and pests. We bet you have questions. Let’s dive deeper into this.

There are many different causes of asthma in children. But when children start with no asthma and develop it while at home or in specific areas, there is a chance that something in the environment is causing the problem.

connection between pests and asthma

There is a good chance that the cause could be pests. Pests such as common household insects and even rodents. Pests like these cause asthma problems by triggering allergies in children.

Allergies are one of the biggest triggers for asthma

What pests cause allergies in children?

Almost any pest can cause allergies in children. That is one of the reasons that we call them pests. Not just because they destroy property. Here are some of the most common pests that are associated with allergies and asthma:

  • Cockroaches
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Dust Mites
Cockroach on floor

After seeking the relevant medical attention, the first step to getting rid of pest-related asthma is to get rid of the pests. When you are dealing with pests that are causing allergies in children, you need to be sure that the pests are gone.

How to deal with pest-related asthma

The only way to ensure that pests are completely gone is to hire professionals. Pest professionals will properly identify the pests and can help with pest proofing. After that, they will develop a specific plan to get rid of the pests that are bothering your children.

Treatment is only the first step. Pests leave behind a variety of allergy inducing trails. That includes skins, feces, and other byproducts. Completely removing these will help to return the home to a state that will not affect the children. Depending on the level of pest infestation and the type of pest, different levels of cleaning might be needed. For some pests you can thoroughly clean your own home. For others, you may want to hire professionals who will get in every nook and cranny.

children and pests

Pests are never fun and can affect your mental health. We gave them the name pests for a reason. When they cause children problems it is even more motivation to get rid of them. Unfortunately, many people do not know that they have pests. Pests can often go unnoticed for quite a while. If your children have unexplained asthma symptoms, having a BPCA accredited professional inspect your home for pests is a key process. This will help you to ensure your child can get back to normal quickly or eliminate pests as the cause – while eliminating the pests.