Termite control method

5 Best DIY Methods to getting Rid of Termites

Termites are insect species that can be found in many commercial, residential, and domestic areas. These termites can chew your wood products, cellulose materials, and even papers and other properties available in your place. It is important to treat the action of termites at an early stage because the damage caused by the termites will be unimaginable. Termites are attracted by moistures, wood, and other food waste products. So, it is important to reduce the generation of wastes and moisture to avoid the presence of termites. The termites can build their own place in your wooden properties by digging a hole. In this article, we will discuss the best DIY methods to get rid of termites.


5 Best DIT Methods to Get Rid of Termites

  • Natural Enemies
  • Cardboard Trap
  • Sunlight
  • Essential Oils
  • Boric Acid

Natural Enemies

Natural Enemies are the animal or insect species that have the defending quality of termites naturally. You can utilize the nematodes available in shops. Note that, the nematodes should be used immediately after purchase, or you should store it in the refrigerator. The nematodes cannot withstand the normal temperature above 20 Degree Celsius. Chickens are one of the best natural enemies of many of the insects like termites, ants, worms, etc.,

Cardboard Trap

Termites love to chew the cardboard as it contains cellulose material. Take a cardboard and dip it in water, it will act as a trap to catch the termites. Place the wet cardboard in the termite-infested place and leave for some time. When a maximum number of termites are available over the cardboard, take it outside and burn it with kerosene or petrol. This is a simple method that can kill only a minimum number of termites. This process should be repeated till the end of the last termite.


Naturally, termites love to live in dark and moist areas. They cannot withstand the temperature of sunlight and UV rays. So, try to allow as much sunlight in your home which will avoid the presence of termites. Keep your place dry, and you can place the termite-infested wood in the sunlight to destroy them.

Essential Oils

There is a number of oils available like neem oil, orange oil, tea tree oil, etc., which can kill the termites. Take half a cup of oil and mix it with one cup of water and some amount of dish wash soap. Prepare a spray by stirring will and take it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture around your home and in the termite-infested area. The action of dish wash and oils will make the termite unstable and make them die.

termites control natural wayBoric Acid

Boric acid is the excellent repellent of termites, which is followed by many people. This boric acid powder will be available in shops, and it is also known as Sodium Borate. You can coat this powder in your wood before painting which will avoid the presence of termites. You can also make a spray by mixing the powder with water.


The above-mentioned are the best 5 DIY methods to get rid of termites. Though they are simple, they will help you in an emergency situation. But these home methods will not withstand for a long time. You should hire a professional pest control service in order to get rid of termites completely.