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Do High Rise Flats Get Pests On Upper Floors?

There are dozens of advantages to living in high rise flats. These include things like the view the mod cons that come with modern or refurbished flats in high-rise blocks. Another perceived advantage is that these flats are free of pests. But is this really true? Do you get pests in upper floors, or is this simply a myth?

What you need to know about high rise flats and pests in upper floors

The unfortunate truth is that you can get pests in upper floors. You see, what you have to simply understand is that pests are everywhere and they are a growing problem. No matter where people go, pests are sure to follow. Whether this is the moon, Antarctica, or a high-rise block of flats, pests will eventually follow. But are there more specific reasons?

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Yes, and the biggest is that you probably brought the pests in with you. The most common example of this are bed bugs. Did you know that bed bugs are now commonly found on trains, buses and in taxis? It’s extremely easy to pick these up when using public transport. You then bring them back into your flat, where they begin to multiply.

Bed bugs can also come back with you after going on holiday or staying at a hotel. In fact, it’s possible to bring back almost any pest after going outside. Another example of this are fleas, that often return with people who have gone on walks. While fleas are extremely small, you can easily get these pests in upper floors.

They haven’t come to enjoy the view

Other pests which can also easily penetrate upper storeys are mice and cockroaches. These pests have been known to get onto every floor of a high rise. Pests can also travel from the top down.

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This usually happens because of birds nesting on the roof causing structural damage. Many birds carry dozens of parasites and pests. These include things like ticks, fleas, mites, lice, and also other pests. These will often crawl away from the birds and their nests and down into your apartment. From there they begin to multiply.

Ultimately, pests in upper floors are not something you really have to worry about. Yes, it’s possible to get pests and you may occasionally have to deal with this issue, but it rarely happens. The majority of pests are not going to reach the very top of your building. They will usually stop off at a flat below you. Some people who are living in high-rise blocks, are already worrying about unsafe cladding. These people don’t need pests as well! Ultra-modern buildings are less likely to get pests. However, if pests do strike on upper floors, you can call pest control to help.