Dos and Don't of Bed Bug Control

Dos and Don’ts of Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are the most dangerous tiny pests that can hide under any of the products and enter your home. These bugs are hard to find because they will hide so deeper in any furniture or beds. These bed bugs can bite humans and you can find only the bitten mark because they are more active at night.

They usually bite humans at the back of the neck or at the bottom of the foot. Many people are trying their best at home to control the bed bugs in their place. But there are many essentials to be followed. Here we will discuss, Dos and Don’ts of bed bug control.

Dos and Don’ts of Bed Bug Control


Inspect your mattress

Inspect your Mattress

It is important to check your mattress at least once a week, after stripping check out the bed, bed sheets, and pillows for blood stains or dark spots because are these major bed bug hiding places. This will help you to identify the bed bug infestation in your home.

Wash your Bed Frequently

All the pests are attracted by dust and moisture, your bed is one of the best attractors of many tiny beetles and bed bugs. Washing your bed often helps you to identify any pest infestation and also it helps to eliminate them if available.

Cleaning your bed also reduces some of the health risks like breathing problems.

Get Insect Heat Treatment

Get Insect Heat Treatment

Seek the help of professionals and ask them to conduct a heat treatment. Heat treatment is of the effective bed bug control methods that can destroy all the bed bugs and their larvae present in your place.


Do Not Pack Clothes without inspecting

Do not pack clothes without inspecting

If you are ready to travel, then you will start by packing your things and clothes. Bed bugs can hide under any place like cupboards and wardrobes, so it is important to check your clothes for any blood stains or dark spots.

Try to wash them before packing it helps to eliminate the bed bugs and your clothes look good.

Buying Second had mattress or furniture

People who cannot bear the bed bug problem will likely sell their mattresses. This method also works effectively. So, try to avoid buying a second-hand mattress, and these bugs can hide in any tiny holes and cracks.

Avoid buying second-hand furniture because the product which is not been used for a long time will be infested by pests.

Sitting on Public Transport

Sitting on Public Transport

All the public transport like buses, trains, and cabs are infested by bed bugs. Yes, it’s true! These bugs will climb on your clothes or belongings and travel with you to enter your home. So, avoid sitting often on any public transport.


The above listed are some of the prevention methods to avoid bed bugs from your place. If you follow these Dos and Don’ts of bed bug control, you can effectively remove the infestation.

It is advisable to hire a professional pest control service, where the experts will conduct different control treatments and sweep out the bugs from your place.