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24 Hour Pest Control: When To Call Us Out

Why do we offer 24 hour pest control? While this service may seem odd to a lot of people, there are good reasons why we do this. You see, what most people don’t realise is that there are actually dozens of reasons why you might need 24 hours pest control. Not only do pests strike at the worst possible time, but there are other reasons as well. Here are 9 of them:

1. If it‘s unsuitable in during working hours

Unfortunately, most people can’t have technicians in their business during the day time. If you require commercial pest control services, this is easy to understand. Many businesses, such as restaurants, are packed with customers during daylight hours. The last thing you want is technicians running around the place and customers thinking you have a pest problem. It’s for this reason that businesses often require 24 hour pest control services.

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2. 24 hour pest control before holding an event

You may be having a big event and discover (at the last minute) your premises are infested with pests. This could range from cockroaches to rats. Either way you’ll want them gone before the big day. The last thing you want is rats running around during your launch, show or announcement.

3. Reopening a business after lockdown

You may well have found yourself with a lockdown pest control emergency that needed 24 hour assistance at the height of the pandemic. But what if you’re reopening your business after lockdown? You might go into the business the day before and discover that pests are running wild. This is exactly when you’ll need 24 hour pest control.

4. 24 hour pest control when selling a house

Some of our biggest clients are estate agent companies. They sell multimillion pound mansions, or just ordinary houses. Sometimes these properties are closed up for months before anyone comes to see them. This company often gets us in the day before the house is shown because rats have invaded.

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5. If you’re having guests over

What if your in-laws are coming to visit? You’re getting the guest room ready and discover there are cockroaches or worse…you find bed bugs in your London home and they need treating fast. Don’t worry. Our 24 hour pest control service will take care of the problem.

6. When pests come out of hibernation

Most pests hibernate. This isn’t a problem until the pests come out of hibernation. From one day to the next you may go from zero bugs to having to deal with hundreds or even thousands. Anyone who has experienced this will know it isn’t an exaggeration. 24/7 pest control was made for this situation.

7. If pests are keeping you up at night

Mice, rats and squirrels love to build their homes in attics. Large numbers of these pests can cause an awful racket as they run across your ceiling at night. This can become completely unbearable. If you’re lying in bed and have finally had enough, then give our 24 hour pest control service a call. We will destroy or remove these pests in a jiffy, so that you can get back to sleep.

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8. To prevent damage to your property

The fact is that many pests can cause extensive damage to your property. You may have an invasion of seagulls who are destroying your roof and need to get rid of them immediately.

9. If there is an outbreak of disease

Pests can spread serious disease. If there is an outbreak of food poisoning for example at a local restaurant, then you will want to find and neutralise the carriers immediately.