effects of pest infestation on mental health

Effects Of Pest Infestation On Mental Health

Anyone who has dealt with pests will know they can be extremely distressing. Pests in your home can cause all sorts of negative feelings. What many people don’t realise is that over time this can cause significant mental health problems.

Eventually you become profoundly tired of whichever pests are infesting your home. Pests cause serious discomfort and the situation can seem completely hopeless. For example, the effects of pest infestation may include some of the following things:

Mental and physical stress

One of the biggest effects of pest infestation is stress. A good example of this is bed bugs. These pests are highly stressful for many reasons. The biggest being that they bite you, and these bites itch terribly. This results in sleepless nights, which causes sleep deprivation, and only leads to more stress. These bugs can also seem impossible to get rid of, and this can compound the problem.

stress of pests

In fact, most pests cause stress in your life. The reason why is because pests are irritating and difficult to get rid of off. Think about something like ants. These pests swarm over any food which is placed down and are also incredibly difficult to get rid of. Then you have wasps. They buzz around your head and land on food, and then you have to worry about being stung. This experience can be highly stressful and ruin a pleasant Summers day, especially if you’re trying to eat.

You also have pests like rodents, cockroaches, and flies. All of these pests can spread serious diseases and viruses, which can be extremely worrisome. One of the biggest effects of pest infestation on mental health is worrying that you can’t get rid of them. Pests are insidious. It often feels that no matter what you do, the problem is unsolvable.

Problems of getting rid of pests take their toll on you

You can deep clean you house from top to bottom, use poisons, sprays, and more, but still the problem persists. We’ve even heard of cases where people moved house to escape pests hidden in clutter. In fact, we recently worked with a client who left behind expensive furniture because it was riddled with pests. Despite them doing this, the pests managed to crop up once again in their new home.

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Situations like this can eventually drive you insane, and leave people curled up in a ball sobbing. These effects of pest infestation will also lead to other mental health problems. Some of these problems include things like anxiety and depression. This is according to studies that discovered that sleep disturbances connected with pests can lead to serious mental health problems.

Phobias and other compulsions can take hold

Other studies have found that pest infestations can cause phobias and irrational fears of pests. Infestations can also lead to panic attack symptoms, obsessive compulsive disorder, and PTSD. Along with this it was found that pests may cause a change in your emotional state. Over time they lead to the development of negative thoughts and emotions. These may be persistent and can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Some of the participants of these studies even developed delusional symptoms. These people started to feel to presence of invisible bugs crawling all over their body.

paranoid anxiety

The bottom line is that the effects of pest infestation are a lot more serious than people think. That being said there is hope. All you need are the services of a trained pest technician with 24 hour a day services. Actually, to people like us, these effects of pest infestation sound like unnecessary suffering. We’re not trying to diminish your suffering, but the truth is that all pests can be easily obliterated. It’s as simple as making a phone call…