How to Control and Get Rid of Millipedes in House

How to Control and Get Rid of Millipedes in House?

Millipedes are a group of arthropods that can be seen often during rainy weather. The name ‘millipede’ is a Latin word that means ‘thousand feet’, until the discovery of the species Eumillipes Persephone, there are no living beings that contain 100 legs. They have a cylindrical body with a number of segments and each segment have 2 legs. Diplopoda is the largest subspecies of Eumillipes Persephone that has 1200 names species with 16 0-orders and 140 families. In this article, we are going to discuss, How to Control and Get Rid of Milliped in House.

Common Types of Millipedes

Common Types of Millipedes

  • Giant African Millipede
  • Shocking Pink Dragon Millipede
  • Cave Millipedes
  • Garden Millipedes

These are the most common types of millipedes found in residential areas. The other types of invasive species can be found in forests and mountains.

Why Millipedes Enter Your Home?

Why Millipedes Enter Your Home

When the weather gets too cold, rainy, or turns to drought, these millipedes will enter your home to have a safe place to stay. They can be found commonly under piles of leaves, wood piles, flowerpots, under the stones outside, and in garages, basements, and other dark places inside your home.

Dangers Caused by Millipedes

Dangers Caused by Millipedes

These millipedes will feed on plant tissue, they are not harmful to humans and do not cause any structural hazards. Though they can eat plant tissue, they can be dangerous to garden plants, but they can be easily identified so the elimination process will be easier.

How to Control and Get Rid of Millipedes in House?

Get Rid of Millipedes in House

Wait for Sometime

These millipedes are not intelligent and cannot think or roam alone. Even they do not know how to get out of your home once infested. They cannot live for a long time without food in a dry environment.

Vacuum and Bug Spray

Pests like millipedes and centipedes can be found often in your basement. So, make sure that you are maintaining the basement carefully, and try to clean and vacuum the place weekly once. If you found any pests or bugs, use a bug spray to kill them immediately and wash out the area.

Creating a Bug Barrier

Did you think of making a barrier between the millipedes and your house? Yes, it is possible, you can make a barrier using the pest control sprays. Spray the pesticide you have chosen in all the entrances like doors, windows, vents, and garages, this will prevent the entry of millipedes inside your home.


Try to eliminate the moisture inside your home, the areas like wall corners, laundry room, basement, garage, and foundation should be dried. This action will help you to prevent the millipedes inside your home.

Do not allow any mulch or plant growth near your windows, door, or on wall cracks that can attract the millipedes easily.


The above listed are some of the DIY methods to control and get rid of millipedes in the house. Make sure these practices will defend against the presence of pests only for a few days, you should follow them regularly. You can hire a professional pest control service to get rid of millipedes and other pest species for years.