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Help Me Identify Types Of Moths In My House

If you’re searching for, “types of moths in my house” you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll learn about the most common moths, the problems they cause and how to get rid of them. Bear in mind, it is the larvae of the moths, that do most of the damage. The adult female moth lays eggs in places where the larvae can feed.


Common types of moths in my house:

What types of moths in my house? Here are the moths you will most often see:

Brown house moth

The most common type of moth is the brown house moth. This moth has brown wings with black spots and is usually about 10mm long. These moths are a nuisance because they feed on clothes, wool and fur. This means they can often get into cupboards and destroy your clothing.

Clothes moth

Like the brown house moth, this moth targets your clothing. They have light brown wings which at times can almost look white. These insects also have yellow spots, particularly towards their heads, and are usually about 1 cm long. They are one of the most common types of moth control in London we get called out for.

closet clothes moths

Pantry moth

These moths are slightly larger. They have black wings with a band of white at the top. As their name implies, they are attracted to food, and feed on flour, grains and pasta. They also love to eat pet food. They are prevalent in all the areas of London that we cover.

Carpet moth

These moths are tiny, about 5mm. They are dark brown, almost black, and have three distinct dots along their wings. They feed mostly on wool fibres which is why they prefer to live near carpets, furniture, blankets and things like pillows. Also, unlike other moths they do not usually fly.

carpet moths

Types of moths: differences in environment

A big difference in these moths is their environment and where they like to live. The majority of moths prefer to live outside. They come into your house due to the availability of food and shelter. Once inside they prefer to live in dark, hidden away places. This usually means your cupboards or pantries.

Different species will be attracted to light in various ways. As you know, moths are generally attracted towards light, but this isn’t actually always true. You see, clothes moths and carpet moths actually prefer the dark. The reason why some species are attracted to light is because most moths actually use the moon to navigate. They confuse lights with the moon and that is why they fly towards them.

Types of moths in my house: the problems

No matter what type of moth you have, they are going to cause residential pest control problems. Most moths are able to feed on things like grains, fruit and nectar.

vacuum for moths

The issue is that they prefer to eat wool, fur, cotton and paper. This is why moths can become such a problem. An infestation can utterly destroy your wardrobe and leave you with nothing to wear.

How to get rid of household moths

Hopefully this will answer the question, “types of moths in my house.” Now you probably want to know how to get rid of them. The easiest way to do this is to keep your home clean. Vacuum and wipe everything. This should also include your cupboards. Most people pack things away and then forget about them for years. If you want to prevent moths from destroying your clothing, you need to routinely clean your cupboards. Try to do this at least twice a year or more.

It’s also a good idea to pack your clothes away in either plastic containers or vacuum sealed bags. Another preventative measure is moth balls. These will usually be enough to keep moth away. If you’re still having trouble with these bugs you may benefit from calling in an exterminator.