How Squirrel Droppings are Dangerous?

Squirrels are rodents that can be found commonly in garden areas. They enter your place in search of food and water, and these creatures can also chew metal wires to pass any hindrance. They love to feed on fruits and vegetables including nuts that are grown underground. Though they are cute and attractive in their actions, they can cause damage to the food products in the garden and kitchen. Not only the squirrels, but their droppings are also harmful to humans. In this article, we will discuss, how squirrel droppings are dangerous.

Finding Squirrel Droppings

Finding Squirrel Droppings

The squirrel droppings can be found commonly near trees and bird feeders, but it is not sure that you can find the droppings only outside the home.

Squirrels can poop while moving, so their droppings will be scattered around the place. If there is any entry point in your home, then squirrels can enter inside, and their droppings can be found in the basement, garage, loft, and attics.

What Does Squirrel Feces Look Like?

What Does Squirrel Feces Look Like

The squirrel droppings can be easily recognized by comparing them with rat droppings. Both are similar but squirrel droppings are a little larger in size.

The squirrel dropping will be cylindrical with rounded edges and sized in 9mm and diameter is about 8mm. Their droppings will tend to change color and weight according to age, and it varies with a good mell compared to other insect droppings.

How Squirrel Droppings are Dangerous?

Squirrel droppings and urine in your place can cause odor problems that will encourage the growth of mold and health issues. The squirrel droppings will induce pheromones that can attract a greater number of squirrels to your place. Squirrels can bring fleas, ticks, and allergic issues from their fur that causes asthma and other health issues.

How to Clean Squirrel Droppings?

How to Clean Squirrel Droppings

The squirrel dropping can be cleaned by yourself using your own hands or a vacuum cleaner. If you decided to clean it by hand, wear proper gloves and a mask for protection or you can use a vacuum cleaner to make the process faster and easier.

After cleaning the poops, it is important to sanitize the area to get od bacteria and germs. Make use of bleach and water to clean the area which can effectively remove the microorganisms and danger-causing bacteria.

Note that the cleaning process will not make sense if you do not eliminate the squirrels in your place. It is important to eliminate the species present in your place, you can make use of many DIY methods available online.

But those DIY methods can withstand only for a few days, if you really want to get rid of squirrels, you can hire a professional pest control service. The experts will conduct a proper control treatment and eliminate them from your place without causing damage to your place and the squirrels.


I hope that the article “How Squirrel droppings are Dangerous?” will make sense to know the dangers caused by squirrels and their wastage. It is important to clean your place regularly to maintain a healthy environment and you can find any pest infestation while cleaning. This helps you to conduct pest control treatment.