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How To Avoid Fly Problems In Your Kitchen

Flies are probably the biggest pest problem that restaurants have to deal with. There are very few restaurants which do not have fly problems. Whether this is flies in your kitchen, dining room, or outside area. Flies can invade even the cleanest kitchen and cause pest problems for the food industry. But why are they such a problem for food related businesses and what can you do about them?

What to do if you have fly problems in your kitchen

If you run a restaurant or take away business, then you’re going to have fly problems. This is simply a fact of life. The are several reasons for this. Your business is a major source of food for flies. Food businesses are also a huge source of food waste, which is highly attractive to flies. These pests cannot eat solid food. They can only suck up liquids. This means they prefer rotten and decaying food. Food which has been thrown away is essentially the perfect meal for flies.

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Flies also have a highly developed sense of smell. According to scientists, these pests can detect the smell of food from up to 7km away. Their senses have also evolved to give them the ability to pick up on dead meat and rotting food waste. This means your restaurant is basically a beacon for all flies in the area.

The reason why you should take care of fly problems and perform fly control is because of the immense damage they cause. First of all, flies make your restaurant look bad. What happens if a fly lands on your customers plate while they’re eating? They are not going to be pleased. Secondly, flies spread serious diseases. These insects are covered in bacteria. This bacteria is deposited every time they land somewhere or feed. This means flies in your kitchen can lead to outbreaks of salmonella, or worse.

Prevention methods to keep out flies

Another reason why you have fly problems is simply because they found a way into your restaurant. Whether this is through an open door, or a crack in the walls or windows. This is why restaurant doors should be closed or screened at all times.

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You should also consider closing the front door of your restaurant. Install fly screens over windows and doors. All cracks and entryways must be closed up as well. Don\t let flies in, if it can be avoided.

If you run a commercial kitchen this may not be enough to deal with fly problems. It is not always possible to keep flies out entirely. This is why you should consider additional pest control measures. There are many options for this. The simplest option is glue strips which can be placed on walls or hung from the ceilings. Flies are attracted to these strips, but once they land the glue traps them.

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You also have fly traps which can be quite effective. Some of the best deterrents are electronic fly zappers. These gadgets use light to attract flies and then kill them with an electric shock. Other gadgets included special fly fans which prevent these bugs from landing.

Finally, the easiest way to control fly problems is to keep your kitchen clean. The cleaner your kitchen the fewer flies you will have to deal with. Pay special attention to your dustbins. Remember, flies prefer rotting food, which is why all dustbins should be sealed and emptied as frequently as possible. You can call us out to your business even during the COVID pandemic to carry out pest control treatments.