How to Avoid Invasion of House Sparrows in Residential Areas

How to Avoid invasion of House Sparrows in Residential Areas?

House Sparrows are the species of Sparrow birds, which are small. Most of the female house sparrows are found in England and a maximum of male species are found in Germany, they will migrate from one place to another to increase their population. These birds can grow upto 16 cm and weighs about 25 to 36 grams, and female birds are different from males in appearance. The females and young birds are pale brown and grey, and males have black, white, and brown markings on their bodies. These species are native to Europe and maximum parts of Asia, and they can be found in maximum places of the world. In this article, we will discuss, how to avoid invasion of house sparrows in residential areas.

Dangers caused by House Sparrows

Dangers Caused by House Sparrows

These house sparrows are living in human habitation over the decades, and they can live safe in residential areas. Because they can find many food sources and a safe place to stay in residential areas. Though they are tiny birds, here are some of the problems caused by house sparrows,

  • These house sparrows will not rest for a long time, they will be moving from one place to another. So, they will be continuously getting into the buildings whether it may be home, school, or office.
  • House sparrows are so aggressive in protecting their nests and babies, so they will attack other species like bluebirds and also it is hard to remove their nest if nested once.
  • The presence of these birds will be annoying because of their noise, and they will pack their nesting materials inside stoves, dryers, and fan vents to protect their use and this will result in fire hazards.
  • The house sparrow droppings will contain uric acid, which is dangerous to paints in the vehicles and walls, and it can rust the metals.
  • These house sparrows will carry a number of pathogens that can cause bacterial, viral, mycoplasma, and protozoan diseases.

How to Avoid invasion of House Sparrows?

Avoid Invasion of House Sparrows

These house sparrows are harmful to human health and also to the properties available in your home. If you find that your place is infested by house sparrows, it is important to take immediate action. Here are some of the DIY methods or home prevention methods to control the presence of house sparrows in your place.

  1. Use bird boxes, this can effectively defend the presence of house sparrows in your place. Because these birds will nest in and around your home, but make sure that the bird box is away from your home. The bird box must be placed away from the residential area that it can attract snakes and racoons.
  2. The house sparrows will come to your place in search of stored food and shelter, try to clear all the food wastes that attract these birds and other pests.
  3. You can make use of the colour screens in all the gaps and entry points of these birds. Installation of screens will defend their entry in your place.


House sparrows are a tiny threat to our environment that can cause several damages to human habitation. You can make use of these DIY control methods to prevent their presence. If you are not sure about the species, then hire a professional pest control service, the experts will help you to get rid of pests and any types of bird species. We have discussed how to avoid invasion of house sparrows in residential areas, I hope you will get an idea of why you should avoid them.