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How To Choose The Best London Pest Solutions

London pest solutions are almost as common as the pests themselves. If you do a Google search for something like, “London pest removal” hundreds of companies will pop up. But how do you know which is best for you? With so many companies offering pest extermination services, how do you make the right decision?

After all, this is an important decision. Pest removal costs a lot of money and you don’t want to get ripped off. Not only that, if you’re going to call in pest control services you want the pests removed for good. It’s no good going through the hassle of hiring someone if they are going to do a poor job.

How to find the best London pest solutions

There are a few ways to prevent yourself from hiring the wrong company. The easiest way is to find top notch London residential pest solutions, is basically to do your research. Below, the steps to take are outlined. Sit down, take your time and make sure to do your homework.

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When you find a company offering London pest solutions which you might be interested in hiring, look for online reviews. Most pest companies will actively solicit online reviews from their customers. Companies only do this if they are capable of doing a good job. They know that doing good work results in happy customers, who will leave good reviews. In turn, these good reviews will get them more work. So, if the company has online reviews it’s a very good sign. You can Google them to see if they have Google reviews. Another good site to look at is Trust Pilot and also Check a Trade. These are local UK sites where people can leave reviews for companies. Otherwise, simply Google the name of the company and, “Reviews.”

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Another good way to find London pest solutions is to talk to your friends and family. Most people are not going to talk about their pest issues in casual conversation. But even if your friends and family have not explicitly mentioned having pest issues, you never know. If you bring up the topic, and if they have used someone good, then they will probably mention it. Also, there might be a chance that your friends or family personally know a pest technician who can help you out.

Get in touch and check them out

Next, once you have narrowed down a list of London pest solutions you should speak to these people. Simply phone the number they have on their website. Ask about your problem and what they suggest you should do. You should be able to suss them out from this conversation. If they seem disinterested or rude, then they are probably not the people to hire. You can also email if you don’t feel like phoning people. What you might find in this case is that a lot of London pest solutions won’t even answer their emails. This is a very bad sign and definitely not a company that you should hire. In contrast, Here at Best Pest Control we offer a dedicated team who do 24 hour pest control call outs and are always available to give phone advice.

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What you can also do is look at their qualifications which should be clearly listed on their website. See what they have to say about health and safety. Something else you can do is check if they are a member of any associations. There are two major pest associations which are: The British Pest Control Association ( BPCA) and The National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA). If, like Best Pest Control,!they are members of these associations, it is a very good sign. Contact us for any type of pest, in any type of property. We are reliable and highly regarded locally.