How to Deal with Pinching Earwigs?

The earwigs are the nocturnal insects that are very active at night and hide during the day. They will hide in dark, moist, and cool areas like your attic and basement, and they can be found in potted plants and cut flowers too. These earwigs are not so harmful to humans, but they can spread diseases and produce a foul-smelling liquid if threatened.

These insects usually live and lay eggs outside like under tree branches and rocks, and they are highly attracted to light. They will enter your home through any gaps and crevices, it is important to avoid them because they can increase the population at a faster rate. In this article, we will discuss, how to deal with pinching earwigs.

What do Earwigs feed on?

What do Earwigs Feed on

These insects are omnivorous species that they can feed on both garden plants and animals. They can eat all the plants, small garden insects, and arthropods, there are some large earwigs who can their own babies when there is a lack of food.

Are Earwigs Harmful to Humans?

Are Earwigs Harmful to Humans

These earwigs do not have poisonous glands so their bite did not cause any danger to humans, and they can produce a foul-smelling fluid if threatened.

How to Identify Earwigs?

How to Identify Earwigs

Earwigs are elongated-flat insects, and they can grow from 4 to 24 mm, these insects are usually black colored mixed with brown. They have pincer shaped appendages at the end of their body, the female pincers will be straight, and the male pincers will be curved and strong. These insects are both winged and wingless, and the winged insect can fly at a particular distance not so long.

How to Deal with Pinching Earwigs?

If you found any earwigs around your home, it is because of the place for them to stay safe. They would be attracted by light, so it is important to avoid bright lights at the night. Seal all the gaps and cracks which act as the entry point to enter your home.

These insects need moisture and water to live, try to avoid all the standing water in and around your home and try to keep your place dry and allow a maximum sunlight inside your home. These are the common practices to avoid earwigs and other types of pests inside your home.


As mentioned earlier, these earwigs are not so harmful to humans, but they can spread diseases. These insects can also increase their population in a short period of time. We have mentioned some important practices on how to deal with pinching earwigs, try to follow these steps to avoid their presence.

If you still found any earwigs inside your home, seek a professional pest control service immediately. The experts would be well trained and experienced in controlling all the types of insects. They will conduct proper control treatment to eliminate the presence of earwigs.

The experts will also provide instructions to be followed, if you follow their instructions carefully and regularly, you can avoid the presence of earwigs and other insects for years.