How to Protect Yourself from Stinging Insects

How to Protect Yourself from Stinging Insects?

The insects like bees, wasps, European hornets, yellow jackets are the common stinging insects. They are so aggressive when they are disturbed or threatened. A survey shows that over 500,000 people were admitted to hospitals due to the action of these stinging insects. If you got stung, it is important to treat immediately with a professional doctor, because it causes several health issues. The bite can cause swelling, itchiness, severe pain and even the dark spots. Their presence will be more in late summer and early winter, to search for food and warm shelter. In this article, we will discuss, how to protect yourself from stinging insects.

Ways to Protect yourself from Stinging Insects

  • Seal Gaps and Cracks
  • Cover your Food
  • Avoid excessive use of Fragrances
  • Adjust your Wardrobe
  • Be Calm and Cool

Seal Gaps and Cracks

Seal Cracks and Gaps

It is important to seal and cover all the gaps and cracks with the silicone caulk because these insects can enter your home through any of the holes. Sealing the gaps will reduce the way for all the pests to enter your home. They usually nest in the attics, chimneys, and behind porch lights, so you should inspect every place regularly for the presence of a wasp nest.

Cover Your Food

Cover your Food

Food is the major attractor of all the pests, it is important to store food in an airtight container. Collect all the food wastes and leftovers and place them in a trash can and close it with a tight lid. Clear all the wastes immediately and regularly.

Avoid Excessive use of Fragrances

Avoid Excessive Use of Fragrances

The stinging insects like yellow jackets and wasps are attracted by the sweet smell. So, it is important to avoid the high smelling perfumes when you spend your time outside of your home. It is good to avoid smelling shampoos, soaps, lotion, and sunscreen.

Adjust your Wardrobe

These stinging insects are attracted by dark colours and floral prints. It is advisable to avoid those types of clothes if you spend your time in a garden, forest, or agricultural area. Always wear closed-toe shows this will prevent you from bumblebee and hornet stings.

Be Calm and Cool

Be Calm and Cool

If you find any stinging insects like wasps and hornets roaming above your head, try to be calm. Most of the people will get scared and they try to swat those insects. As mentioned earlier, these stinging insects are so aggressive if they are threatened or disturbed. If you try to avoid them using any sticks, then they will bite you. If those insects are not disturbed, then they will go out of your place through any gap after some time.


The above listed are some of the ways to protect yourself from stinging insects. If you got stung, try to remove the stinger, and treat it with a doctor immediately or else it will lead to severe health issues and skin diseases. These DIY methods are advisable for the homes where the stinging insects visit rarely. If the pest infestation is high or you find many wasps or hornets, then it is important to call a professional pest control service. The experts will help you to get rid of stinging insects and sweep away the entire insects present in your home.