How to Repel Raccoons from your House

How to Repel Raccoons from your House?

Raccoons are mammals and they are also known as rodents that can steal fruits and vegetables in your garden. Though they look cute they are dangerous to your pets and harmful to humans when they are threatened or disturbed. They love to stay in a place where they can get food easily and some of the common places for them to hide are chimneys, wooden areas, trash cans, and even vents. In this article, we are going to discuss, how to repel raccoons from your house.

Dangers Caused by Raccoons

Dangers Caused by Raccoons

Raccoons are wild animals, and they are known to spread a dangerous rodent-borne disease called rabies, they are also the carriers of fleas, ticks, and lice. This can harm your pet’s health and their droppings are dangerous to human health too. Raccoon droppings can cause salmonella and leptospirosis, they also contain raccoon roundworm eggs.

These eggs are called Baylisciris which can damage your eyes and brain that result in blindness and affects mental health, but this is rare.

How to Identify if you have Raccoons near your house?

How to Identify if you have Raccoons near your house

Raccoons are nocturnal and they are very active at night, but you can identify their presence with some of the signs,

Raccoon Feeding

Raccoons are messy and they always leave a trail behind their activities, some of the common signs are knocked trash cans, damaged lawns, moved pet food bowls, and damaged bird feeders, etc.,


Raccoons walk like humans with a flat foot in a diagonal pattern. Their feet tracks are 2 to 3 inches wide and 3 to 4 inches long.


Raccoon droppings are cylindrical with round or broken ends, and they are dark in color. Their droppings usually contain berry seeds and trash.

Strange sounds

Raccoons can make strange sounds that include mewing, whistling, and growling around your property during the night.

How to Repel Raccoons from Your House?

Repel Raccoons from Your House

Raccoons are also living beings and they enter your place in search of food. You should not abuse them instead make use of these human removal methods to repel raccoons from your house and keep your pets safe from them.

Set Live Raccoon Traps

Setting traps is one of the effective ways to catch and remove all the pest raccoons. If you need any effective raccoon traps contact your local Fish and Wildlife Department, they’ll be able to supply you with traps.

Grub Treatment in Garden

Grubs in your garden are the major food source for raccoons, try to invest in professional grub treatment to get rid of grubs and other food sources for the raccoons.

Motion Activated Light and Sound Deterrents

This is one of the best technology investments that help you to keep raccoons and other rodents away from your place. The device will emit bright light and make strange sounds that will fear all rodents including bats and raccoons.

Hang your Bird Feeders Away

Try to place the bird feeder as high as possible and hang them with a thin wire. Make sure the bird feeder is not between two trees because raccoons can climb trees and jump into the feeders. If you really want to keep the raccoons away from your feeders invest in raccoon-resistant bird feeders.

Hire a Professional Pest Control Service

It is the best method ever to keep raccoons away from your place. The professionals are well experienced to monitor and catch all the wildlife creatures without harming them. Contact a professional pest control service to get rid of raccoons and other creatures in your place for years.