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How To Stop Wasps Nesting On Your Property

How do you stop wasps nesting on your property? If you’ve previously had issues with these stubborn pests, then this is something you’re probably concerned about. This will be especially true when you’re repeatedly faced with these insects. They could come back year after year.

Start with inspecting your property

What can you do to stop wasps nesting on your property? Start by wasp proofing your home and property. Seal up any openings you find in the exterior of your home. Look all around the perimeter of the house and keep an eye out for cracks, gaps, and holes because pests can get through them. Also look for damaged screens and vents. When you spot any of these things, seal up the hole with silicone caulk or wood putty.

wasp nest in hole

In addition to this, check on structures outside of your home. This can include places like shed, detached garages, plant pots, dustbins and accumulated garden clutter. For example, piles of wood.

Pay attention to outdoors as well

Next, fill in any holes in the garden. Many species of wasps build their homes in the ground. If you have any large holes then these need to be filled up with dirt or rocks. Pay particular attention if you have a compost heap. Some wasps have been known to build their homes in these. If you do have a compost heap, then this should be covered up with a tarpaulin or other suitable covering.

indoor wasp nest

Something else which is necessary to cover up outdoor containers. Examples of these include dustbins, recycling bins, and other containers which may have traces of food. Things like water buckets should also be covered up. Make sure that these containers seal up tightly and do not have holes in them. If you have a building for a pool pump, then this must also be checked and closed up.

What you also need to do to stop wasps nesting is clean up after yourself immediately. If you have a picnic, barbeque, or are eating outside then it’s critical to clean up right away. Do not leave food outside because this will attract wasps. They will learn that your home is a source of food and will soon start to nest.

Along with this, to stop wasps nesting you should also remove fruit from trees as soon as possible. To not leave fruit to become overripe, fall off, and rot on the ground below. This will also attract wasps into your home. Check the areas by your fruit trees on a daily basis for fallen fruit.

nest by door

Finally, to stop wasps nesting you can also spray the outside of your home with smells they hate. One of the best deterrents are essential oils. Simply fill a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of close, geranium, peppermint, rosemary, thyme, or lemongrass oil. Spray this around the outside of your house and it could be enough to stop wasps nesting.

If you spot wasps making a nest on your property, or you find one already built, call in professional wasp pest control.