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How To Store Food To Prevent Ants

Ants are something that most homeowners will have to deal with at some stage. Unless you’re a clean freak, these pests will eventually invade your home. But how do you prevent ants and stop this from happening? The first line of defence is storing your food properly. This will stop you from attracting ants and also stop them getting from your food. In this post we’ll briefly cover how to do this, as well as provide you with other tips for preventing ants.

What do we mean by storing food correctly?

To eliminate stubborn pests like ants, you need to store food properly. But how do you do this? To start with all food needs to be kept in air-tight containers. Do not leave any food lying lose as ants will soon get at it. This includes food that is in boxes or open bags. Ants are small enough to slip through the gaps in boxes and can easily get into opened bags.

food in jars

Your best option when storing food is to place it in a jar. You may even want to invest in mason jars as these have an air-tight seal. Your next best option are plastic containers. Just make sure these have a tight seal as older containers tend to, “wear out” and no longer seal. If you’re really concerned about ants, then you can also buy a vacuum sealing machine. This is a good idea if you’re storing food long term.

Also make sure that your food is kept inside a cupboard. If ants are a persistent problem, you may want to begin putting your food in the fridge. Most dry food can be placed in a fridge, and the cold prevents ants from entering. Basically, you should never leave food on your counter tops as this will quickly attract ants. This means all food, even loaves of bread and fruit.

Other measure can you take to prevent ants?

To prevent ants, you also need to clear up after yourself. Make sure the area where you prepare, cook, and eat food, is spotless. Not even a single crumb should be left behind.

clean worksurface

You also need to do this quickly. Most people wait until after they have eaten, or until just before they go to bed. You’ll want to avoid doing this as ants can arrive even during the shortest time period. Yes, after cooking you’ll want to eat immediately, but it’s worth it to spend a minute or two cleaning up.

Something you should also do after cooking is sweep and mop your floor. Tiny food particles can be dropped without you realising it. This is especially important if you notice a lone ant. The reason why is simple: where there is one ant, more are sure to follow. Ultimately, it’s quite easy to prevent ants in an eco-friendly way. All you have to do is following the tips in this post and maintain a hygienic kitchen.