Insect Problems due to Weather Conditions

Insect Problems due to Weather Conditions

After much research and studies, it is shown that the climate plays a vital role in the life of insects and pests. It is proven that the winter season will be the most dangerous time for the life of pests. They cannot withstand the lowest temperature during winter and spring. It is also shown that the growth of the insect will be blocked or slower than the growth in the summer season. The lifecycle of pests mainly depends on the weather conditions and temperature. The insects like ants and termites will stay under the ground for the whole winter season. Because they will work hard to collect food and took a rest in that particular season. Usually, the black ants which are larger in size will be available above the ground during winter, than any other ant species. In this article, we will discuss the insect problems due to weather conditions.

Impact of Cold Weather

As mentioned above cold weather is the biggest hindrance to the growth of insects and their lifestyle. The cold weather is hell for many types of insects especially when the temperature goes below 50°F. There are some insects that can handle the temperature up to 20°F. But many of the insects will die that they cannot live in very cold temperatures. Thus, the lowest temperature reduces the insect problems due to weather conditions.

Impact of Cold Weather on Insects

Hibernation and Overwintering

Any insects will search for a place to stay but it should be warm, and many types of insects go into hibernation during the cold season. As they lay eggs, or reach the adult stages, they will try to increase their population during winter. They will hide under the warm place and will wait for the season to end. Insects like spiders, can get into your home or office through a small gap or crack. The tiny insects will make a small hole as their home. This is hard to find and eliminate without any signs or presence.

Biological Anti-freeze

Due to the colder climate, the action of pests will be reduced, but they will present your place without any action. The tiny insect can withstand a colder climate than the large insects. There are some insects that have built-in biological anti-freeze quality. This means the insect can protect itself from the cold condition by forming ice crystals over its body. This will prevent them from any of the lowest temperatures, and the ice will be melted when the temperature gets high, the insect will be able to live again. This is one of the excellent features of insects like mosquitoes, and it is also a problem for humans during seasonal change.


You cannot find the insects directly during the colder weather conditions. It is difficult to identify and control them when there is no action. But they can act when there is no human presence, especially in a warm area. The bedbugs can stay inside your bed or carped, that your properties will be a safer place to live. If you are not aware of the pest problems due to climatic changes, contact the nearest pest control service. The experts will sweep your place and eliminate the presence of pests.