Interesting Facts about Centipedes

5 Interesting Facts about Centipedes

Centipedes are the pests that are one of the dangerous insects in the world. They usually hide under the stones, dead wood, and inside the logs. They prefer moisture and dark like other pests, but they bite humans ferociously. Their bite will cause severe pain and sometimes lead to death. These species have dangerous venom in their first segment which is used to kill animals. The centipedes should be avoided from your place that they are very dangerous like snakes and other poisonous animals. Either you can kill them, or you can hire a professional pest control service to eliminate their presence. Most of the people will be afraid of this species because of its rough appearance. In this article, we will discuss some of the interesting facts about centipedes.

5 Interesting Facts About Centipedes

These centipedes are often considered as dangerous pests and many of them will not go near them. Here we will discuss the interesting facts about centipedes that are not known.

  1. The name Centipede
  2. Centipedes are night owls
  3. Centipedes are not so Dangerous
  4. Centipedes are Carnivorous
  5. Long Lifespan

The name Centipedes

The name Centipedes

The name Centi is derived from the New Latin, which means 100 and the Latin word pes or pedes which means legs. Like their name, these species have hundreds of legs, from 30 to 354. Not all centipedes have 100 legs, and these usually have an odd number of legs and each segment of their body have single pair of legs. Their long legs help them to move fast, and the last leg pair of a female centipede will be longer than their body.

Centipedes are Night Owls

Centipedes are night owls

It is not common to see these species in the daytime, they prefer night to roam around. They can be seen in your home in the dark and moisture places like the bathroom, kitchen, and backyard. Most of the centipedes will not have their eyes, only some have their eyes, but those eyes can only spot the light and dark and they do not have clear vision.

Centipedes are not So Dangerous

Throughout the years, these centipedes are portrayed as one of the pests that are dangerous and harmful to humans. Yes, this could be, but they are not more harmful, they will bite humans only when threatened. Their sting will cause pain, itches, and swelling like the bee sting. Their venom is injected to grab their food pests, and it is not so effective to break human skin. The large centipedes can break the human skin and inject venom.

Centipedes are Carnivorous

Centipedes are carnivorous

These house centipedes will eat other insects like spiders, fleas, roaches, and silverfish. As they do not have eyes they will find their prey, through the smell. The smell can be felt with the help of their antenna in their head.

Long Lifespan

Long Lifespan

The house centipedes can live more than a year, this is common for normal species. But the centipedes in forests can live for 4 to 5 years, and they can grow up to 30 cm long i.e., 12 inches. These species have the longest lifespan among arthropods.


The centipedes found in your home will be less harmful, but they can bite. The homes that contain children and pets should be more careful about these species. If you found any of them, try to kill them. If you are not aware of the DIY methods or home methods, you need to hire a professional pest control service.