nocturnal insects in london

Nocturnal Insects That Come Out At Night

If you know anything about pests, you’ll know they mostly come out at night. This includes many nocturnal insects. Yes, while you’re asleep these creatures are creeping around your home or garden. But aside from the common ones we usually think of, there are many more unusual insects that emerge after dark.


The overwhelming majority of spiders are nocturnal. This includes spiders that live out in the wild and also the one’s in your home. This fact will be very alarming to arachnophobic people. However, the presence of spiders in the home can also be stressful for the mental health of most London residents. No one likes the idea of spiders crawling round while they’re asleep.


Night time is often associated with the sound of crickets. The reason why is because these insects are usually active at night. Crickets in your garden spend the day hiding in cracks or undergrowth. Once darkness falls they emerge to feed and mate. In fact, the chirping sound they make is actually a type of mating call. While these bugs are harmless, the noise they make can be irritating and keep you up all night.


Earwigs are an insect which often come indoors to escape the rain or cold, and can be a sign of structural problems. That being said, you do not have to be afraid of them. These insects are not known to transmit any diseases, nor do they bite people. It’s mostly the name which puts people off, and implies that these bugs can burrow into your ears.


These insects will often enter into your home when other pests are present. This happens because the centipede feeds on pests such as ants, cockroaches and moths. While centipedes are harmless you definitely don’t want them in your home.


This rare insect is sometimes found in the UK (although there is only one species). Contrary to popular belief, they are not actually flies. Instead, the firefly is a type of beetle that glows in the dark. The reason why they do this is essentially to find a mate.


These slimy nocturnal insects mostly stick to gardens where they feed on decaying plant matter. That being said, they can attack your healthy plants too.


You might not always know when there are certain types of moths in your home. This is because many of these pests are nocturnal insects that only come out at night and hide in cupboards during the day. While you’re asleep the larvae of these moths cause problems by eating clothing and contaminating food.


These are the most well-known of night time insects. While these insects are famous for their ability to spread diseases, mosquitoes in the UK are relatively harmless.