Top 7 Organic Pest Control Methods

Organic pest control is the process of controlling and eliminating pests without using any chemicals or pesticides. There are many chemical pesticides you can purchase in shops, but they should be used in a proper manner.

Improper use of chemicals can harm your health so it should be done by an experienced person or by a professional expert. A common man does not have the right to use more toxic chemicals for pest control. These organic methods will not harm your health and the environment, in this article, we will discuss the top 7 organic pest control methods.

Top 7 Organic Pest Control Methods

1. Natural Predation

Natural Predators

Natural predators are also the pests or tiny insects that are used to eliminate other species that are the natural enemies. This method will not harm the environment and it effective than any other pest control method.

This method is commonly used to control the garden pests like aphids and slugs. Some of the natural enemies of aphids are ladybirds, lacewings, frogs, hedgehogs, and birds.

2. Hand Picking

If your garden plants are infested by pests, you can plug the infested plants in your hand to protect other plants from the pest infestation. This is a time-consuming process but is cost-effective and eco-friendly.

3. Water Spraying

Water Spraying

Spraying water at high pressure will eliminate all the bugs and dust on the plants and properties. Pests are tiny and less weight they cannot withstand the speed and pressure of high flowing water. But make sure the water is not wasted and used for any other purpose like cleaning.

4. Organic Deterrents

There are many natural oils like neem oil and other plant oils that are effective to fight against the pests in the garden. They make use of plant resistance to attack their enemies and have a deterrent on many garden insects.

5. Biological Control

Garden pests like whitefly can damage all the plants in the garden if left untreated. They are the natural enemies of paper wasps, if wasps are attracted to your garden, then the action whiteflies will be eliminated completely. Then you can take proper control measures to eliminate the wasps in your garden.

6. Companion Planting

Companion Planting

There are many plants that have the defending quality of pests in nature. Some of the plants like ginger, garlic, and chilli can be planted near any flower plants. This will defend the presence of flies and other pets near your beloved plants.

7.  Barriers


All the pest species are afraid of specific features, for example, slugs will not enter the area where there are copper pipes. For that, you can use eggshells and other sharp materials around your plant to eliminate the pests and drain flies.

You can also use plastic bottles and straws in the base of the plants that can act as the best defender of flies and other pests.


Note that you are controlling the presence of pests, we do not have any right to kill them. If you have a garden, then pests will be attracted by the good smell and food products like fruits and vegetables. You can use the above-listed organic pest control tips to avoid the presence of pests in your garden.