Pest Control and its methods

What are Pest Control and its methods?

Pest control is the method or action of the control measures that are taken to reduce the presence and infestation of a tiny species called pests or insects. These pests are dangerous to the environment, human health, and even they are dangerous to the properties in the home, school, office, or industry. These pests are attracted by the wastes, moisture, darkness, congested area and even the mosquitoes are generated in the standing water. So, it is important to clear the generation of each waste immediately to reduce the presence of germs, viruses, and insects. The pests can be controlled in different pest control methods, and these methods are commonly classified into 3 major methods they are, Physical, Chemical, and Biological Pest Control.

 Biological Pest Control

biological pest control

Biological pest control is an eco-friendly pest control used for hundreds of years from our ancient days. This method uses only the natural elements available without using any chemicals. In this method of biological control, natural enemies like cats, and chickens are used in the garden area or in the agricultural land to prevent the place, crops, and plants from the danger causing pests and animals. The presence of a cat will eliminate all the rodents around 10 square meters. Another type of control is the use of biological seeds which attracts the pests easily and keep the pests away from other plants.

 Physical Pest Control

 Physical Pest Control

This method is also done without using any chemicals, but it requires labor and time. In the physical method, the experts will use traps and equipment to catch the pests and throw off them away from your place. For example, the traps like yellow stickable notes, steel nests for rats, baits, and some of the other traps. These traps will catch the targeted enemy and holds for more time till you release it. This method of pests control will not harm you and the pests and you can catch them without knowing them. But the traps should be placed with the proper gap because the escaped pest can intimate the other pests about the trap.

Chemical Pest Control

chemical pest control methods

This method of pest control is done by using some of the chemicals like pesticides available in shops or you can prepare it on your own. There are many types of pesticides and chemicals are available in shops to control the presence and infestation of pests, you can make use of them and this method does not require any labour and more time. But the use of chemicals will harm your health, and any pets or children available in your home. So, this method should be done with the experienced persons with the proper protection by wearing masks and gloves.


The above three are the common pest control methods done all over the world by most people. Though these are useful, they can last only for short time, in order to get rid of pests completely, you should hire professional pest control services, where the professional experts will have the knowledge of controlling all the types and pests and their control methods. They will provide control measures to prevent your place from the pests in future.