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Examples of the services our company offer

The same as every reliable pest company, Best Pest Control give routine pest elimination services to Balham residents. These encompass removing and stopping all variations of infestations. Our employees can carry out effective rodent management and eliminate common problems including mice and rats. Our professionals also handle problems like cockroaches and bedbugs, wasps and flies, fleas, and moths. Furthermore, our staff will help you with animal infestations such as seagulls, pigeons, and even squirrels.

If you have been seeking a dependable pest management contractor in Balham for a while, Best Pest Control might be the solution you’ve been searching for. There is not no reason that anyone will have to suffer the discomfort of an infestation. Call our customer services as soon as possible to get a free-of-charge estimate. Our team tailors services to your particular job.

Our operatives are pleasant, well-mannered, and exceptionally trustworthy. Lots of training means our technicians can complete the job in the shortest time feasible. And moreover with the minimum of turmoil to your house or commercial place of work. Very importantly, they are instructed to put safety above all else and have undertaken all compulsory safety instruction.

24/7 pest control in Balham

If you are the owner of a pub or other commercial enterprise, you undoubtedly will not want pest technicians at your establishment in the middle of trading hours. So we can fulfill the requirements of your business, our experts operate round the clock. Our business pest regulation employees are constantly at the ready. They are ready to assess your property 24/7. We are furthermore registered with NPTA and BPCA.

Quite a few Balham pest exterminators do not offer this variety of dedication. It’s one of the large numbers of aspects that sets Best Pest Control above all other firms. You may at the same time be coping with an unexpected pest management dilemma that needs to be dealt with at once. Our staff is able to support you with that predicament.Pest Control Balham

Best Pest Control’s 24 hour service extends to each of the locations of Balham, even if you reside in the North, South, East or West. Our operatives are also willing to travel to the home counties. Don’t ever hesitate to phone despite the fact that it’s five o’clock. Our experts want to take care of any type of problem big or small.

The merits of a pest control contract

You could be thinking whether getting a contract could be a practical idea. But what could be the rewards of a contract for domestic pest management? There are lots of excellent reasons to sign a pest control contract. The fact is that there are far too many to specify, though here are a handful:

– The truth is that your establishment does not function in a sealed bubble. Despite your best efforts and intentions, pests can intrude from outside and into your premises.

– Because of this you will need to routinely employ the services of pest control. Having a contract helps make this approach streamlined and simpler.

– By deciding to get a contract you will have the opportunity to get a more affordable rate. You additionally receive a premium service, based on the scope of your contract.

– By having a contract, Best Pest Control will frequently visit your establishment to carry out pest management. This means you will have less to think about.

Best Pest Control protects your security

Best Pest Control’s Balham based exterminators are very concerned when it comes to the welfare of our clientele. This is among our most important concerns and our technicians go to considerable extents to keep everyone protected. We draw on various methods to do this. To begin with before employing someone, our company do a DBS check. This is a personnel check that is carried out by the UK government. Doing this helps to stop us from recruiting anyone who has a criminal record.


Best Pest Control’s professionals all use personal protective equipment whenever they are on your premises. This serves to protect your safety. It also helps to offer protection to our experts from the hazards of chemicals they generally use.

Lastly, our employees also use hygiene conscious practices. Which include monitoring the well being of our specialists and also sterilising all tools that we use. We are repeatedly thoroughly cleanse our workplaces.

Kinds of Balham pest control we do

To meet our objectives, our firm offer both pest elimination services and pest proofing solutions. Fumigation is proven to be a highly reliable method of managing numerous sorts of pest. With our fumigation solutions, our team can get rid of most insects. On the other hand, a lot of bugs have developed resistance to many types of insecticides, which is the reason that eco-friendly solutions are chosen by our patrons nowadays.

A proportion of our environmentally friendly pest control techniques include heat treatments and traps. These treatments can even be substantially more reliable than chemical based techniques. Heat treatments kill adult insects as well as their pupae. What’s more, using pest proofing we can protect against pests entering your house to begin with.