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Pest Control Cannon Street

Domestic and commercial pest control

Our employees are exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with unwanted insects or rodents in residential properties. Call in our experts who can fix all of the common house-dwelling pests. Our technicians perform rodent management, such as mice and rats. Our pest control company in Cannon Street addresses all kinds of insects, from cockroaches to bedbugs, wasps and flies, fleas and moths and even more.

These types of pests can severely have an effect on your daily life. But there’s little reason that you have to keep on enduring them. Just get in touch with us and our experts can easily resolve your residential pest control problem with the minimum of hassle.

Our experts have the expertise, and have the tools necessary to tackle any form of commercial pest control issue. It doesn’t matter what extent of problem you are putting up with in your work environment. No matter if our clients are dealing with pest dilemmas in their house or at their business establishment, our qualified operators have the ability to get rid of the problem promptly.

Some of the kinds of commercial establishments we work with

– Retail businesses. We help stores to keep devoid of pests in Cannon Street. This service includes any sort of retailers from food stores and food markets, to high street shops. Insects and rodents can generate a scenario whereby people don’t be comfortable to part with their money. This is why it’s important to take pests very seriously.

– Eateries and food venues. When it comes to these kinds of business, you have to keep up stringent hygiene routines. Pests have the ability to bring on food poisoning and severely damage your good standing. Not only that, infestations can also get your establishment into trouble with the FSA. That can lead to large penalties.

– Warehouses and storage facilities. If you operate this sort of business property, it is vital that your firm must take care of pest issues right away. Certain sorts of pest will ruin stored goods. Going forward, this may involve spending huge amounts of cash.

– Service businesses. These may include places like pubs, beauticians, health centres, care homes and schools and universities. Infestations inside buildings like these would be incredibly irritating and impact the good health of your clients.

Pest Control Cannon StreetComprehensively insured 24 hr pest control in Cannon Street.

Your property might possibly have a pest infestation or invasion develop out of the blue. Consequently, we ensure that our pest extermination teams are accessible day and night. All kinds of infestations could be ruining your building structure. They may also be giving people illnesses. That is the reason that our specialists are permanently at the ready with 24/7 pest control to treat the issue. If it’s the case that you are being plagued by an urgent pest crisis presently, then don’t hesitate to telephone us. Our receptionists are waiting to take your query and our pest regulation teams are in a position to offer help.


At Best Pest Control, our staff are thoroughly covered by insurance. All Cannon Street pest services must legally be covered by insurance. Our employees take this bit of the job totally seriously. The team of our people possess a range of sorts of insurance coverage which offer protection to our tram members together with our tools and fleet of vehicles.

Our Cannon Street pest control techniques are eco-friendly

Though that isn’t always achievable, we try to employ environmentally friendly procedures whenever practical. Methods like heat treatments will often perform better than ordinary treatments. The number one reason for this is because lots of pests have developed immunity to pesticides.

Our Cannon Street pest control sticks to stringent safeguarding guidelines

Pest control in Cannon Street is regulated by health and safety guidelines. This is one particular thing we all have to take note of. In order to protect the health of our employees and customers, Best Pest Control abide by rigorous safety rules. We are up to speed with all recent legislation involving safety procedures, the environmental considerations and chemical treatments.


One of the greatest worries our clientele might be having is to do with who our business employ. After all, those technicians will be going into your residence or business premises. Our staff comprehend that you will like to know who they are. To be sure of your safety, we perform a DBS check on all team members.

By observing the policies given by the government, we deliver a blueprint for safe practice. This allows us to care for the natural environment and safely and securely handle dangerous chemicals. Everyone can be confident that we’re knowledgeable of the importance of all parts of safety measures.