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Pest Control Chancery Lane

Residential and business pest services

Our firm are highly knowledgeable when it comes to exterminating infestations in people’s homes. The entire team of experts will address each and every one of the most prevalent domestic pests. Our team undertakes rodent removal, like mice and rats. Our pest control company in Chancery Lane manages all types of insects, from bed bugs to cockroaches, flies and wasps, moths and fleas and lots more.

All of these are likely to seriously disturb your lifestyle. Nevertheless there is no reason that residents should carry on putting up with them. You can ring us and our staff will remedy your residential pest control issue with least amount of fuss.


Our technicians also have the specialist knowledge and have the gear required to take on any type of commercial pest control concern. It does not matter what degree of infestation you are dealing with in your business. Regardless of whether our customers are suffering from pest problems in their home or at their business establishment, our competent employees can cure the issue swiftly.

The various kinds of business buildings Best Pest Control support

– Retail establishments. Our company help supermarkets to keep clear from pests in Chancery Lane. This of course encompasses any type of retailers from food markets and food stores, to shopping centres. Pests could possibly foster circumstances where consumers do not want to spend money. This demonstrates that it is essential to take pests very seriously.

– Dining establishments and food outlets. For these types of firms, you need to uphold rigorous cleanliness. Infestations are known to induce food poisoning and significantly ruin your credibility. Not only that, pests can also get your business scrutinised by the UK health authorities. This could result in significant fines.

– Warehouses and storage facilities. Whenever you own this sort of firm, it is important that you should take care of unwanted pest problems fast. A number of pests will harm items of stock. In the long run, this could mean losing huge chunks of your profits.


– Service businesses. These can encompass businesses like drinking establishments, beauticians, spas, retirement homes and places of education. Pests in places like these would be very unpleasant and impact the physical well-being of your clients.

Pest Control Chancery Lane

Thoroughly covered 24 hr pest control in Chancery Lane.

Your business or home could easily have a pest crisis develop at any moment. Accordingly, we make sure that our pest control operatives are on call 24 hours a day. These infestations may be damaging goods. They could easily also be transmitting health problems. This is the reason that our technicians are permanently on hand with 24 hr pest regulation to resolve the issue. In the event that you are being plagued by an unexpected pest problem presently, then do not hesitate to ring us. Our phone operators are right there to answer your enquiries and our pest regulation specialists are well placed to be of service.


At Best Pest Control, our workers are thoroughly covered by insurance. All Chancery Lane pest services must lawfully be covered by insurance. Our employees take this particular element of the job totally seriously. At Best Pest Control we are in possession of a range of sorts of insurance policies that protect our employees plus our gear and work vans.

Our Chancery Lane pest control procedures are eco-friendly

Though it is not always possible, we will endeavour to use ecological practices wherever it’s appropriate. Strategies such as heat treatments can perform better than standard techniques. The best explanation for this is simply because a lot of pests have acquired resistance to chemical treatments.

Our Chancery Lane pest control sticks to strict safeguarding legislation

Pest control in Chancery Lane is governed by safety at work guidelines. This is one thing all of us have to take notice of. So our firm can look after the health and safety of our employees and customers, Best Pest Control abide by rigorous health and safety government legislation. Our technicians are up to speed with all recent legislation involving health and safety, the environment and chemical treatments.


One of the leading primary concerns our clientele might be having refers to who we employ. After all, those operatives will be setting foot into your house or workplace. We understand that you’ll wish to know who our guys are. In order to be sure of your wellbeing, the team at Best Pest Control complete a DBS check on every one of our operators.

Simply by adhering to the rules set out by the government, our company ensure a model for safe practice. Doing this makes it possible for us to consider the environment and carefully operate with high risk chemicals. All our customers can be certain that we’re mindful of the significance of all aspects of safety.