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Pest Control Covent Garden

Residential and business pest services

We at Best Pest Control are very well informed with regard to exterminating pests in non-commercial buildings. Our professionals can tackle all of the most prevalent domestic infestations. The team of our experts implement rodent regulation, such as rats and mice. Our pest control company in Covent Garden manages all types of , from cockroaches to bedbugs, flies and wasps, fleas and moths and many more.

All of these pests will probably greatly impact on your everyday life. Nevertheless there is absolutely no reason that home owners have to carry on being tormented by them. Simply get in touch with us and we can easily handle your residential pest control dilemma with the minimum of disturbance.


Our technicians demonstrate the knowledge, and have the resources required to handle any kind of commercial pest control concern. It doesn’t matter what level of pest problem you are putting up with in your business. Whether or not our customers are coping with pest issues in their house or at their business, our trained specialists are able to handle the problem straight away.

Some of the kinds of commercial buildings our team service

– Retail companies. Our staff help shopping malls to keep free from pests in Covent Garden. This of course encompasses any type of retail business from food markets and food stores, to high street shops. Insects and rodents can create an atmosphere whereby shoppers do not feel comfortable to part with their cash. This shows that it really is imperative to take pests seriously.

– Dining establishments and food businesses. For all these types of business, it is important to perform stringent hygienic practices. Infestations are known to bring about food poisoning and severely harm your good name. Not only that, pests can also get your company into trouble with the Food Standards Agency. This may result in huge penalties.

– Storage facilities and warehouses. If you operate this kind of business, it’s critical that your firm must fix pest issues promptly. A number of pests can damage your supplies. Going forward, this could possibly set you back extensive portions of your takings.

– Service Industries. These may encompass places like pubs, beauty parlours, clinics, retirement homes and schools and universities. Infestations inside of settings like these will be extremely nasty and disrupt the well-being and health of your clientele.

Thoroughly covered 24 hr pest control in Covent Garden.

Your business or home could easily have a pest emergency appear suddenly. Therefore, we ensure that our pest control specialists are accessible 24 hours a day. These insects might be harming goods. They might also be transmitted infections. That is the reason that our professionals are continuously at the ready with 24-hour pest control to treat the issue. In the event that you are experiencing an emergency pest issue at this point, then feel free to contact us. Our customer service guys are always on hand. They respond quickly to your queries and are available 24/7 to be of service.

Pest Control Covent Garden

At Best Pest Control, our staff are fully covered by insurance. All Covent Garden pest services must lawfully be insured. Our company take this element of the job we do totally seriously. All of our workers are in possession of a range of sorts of insurance policies which look after our workers and our tools of the trade and vans.

Our Covent Garden pest control solutions are eco-friendly

Though this isn’t always viable, we attempt make an effort to employ eco-friendly practices whenever suitable. Procedures like heat treatments will often produce results better than ordinary practices. The primary explanation for that is likely to be because many pests have acquired resistance to chemical pesticides.

Our Covent Garden pest control adheres to tight safety rules

Pest control in Covent Garden is regulated by health and safety laws. That is one particular thing our employees have to take note of. So as to safeguard the health and safety of our team and clientele, our team comply with rigorous safety rules. Our experts are up to date with all current codes of practice in regards to health and safety, the green issues and pesticide use.

Some of the most significant considerations our customers may be having is to do with who our company employ. As we are aware, those people will be entering into your house or business. Our staff are aware that you’ll wish to know exactly who our guys are. To guarantee your wellbeing, our people conduct a DBS check on every single one of our employees.

Through sticking to the protocols laid out by the authorities, we will provide a foundation for health and safety. Sticking to this makes it possible for us to look after the natural environment and responsibly work with hazardous chemicals. All our customers can be satisfied that we are conscious of the seriousness of all areas of keeping our staff safe.