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Pest Control For Businesses Since COVID

How should businesses deal with pest control in the era of COVID-19? This is certainly a good question. The first thing you have to realise is that pest control for businesses has changed dramatically during these times. Both business owners and exterminators have to deal with a unique set of circumstances and challenges. They also need to approach things differently than before.

Pest control for businesses during the crisis

The first issue that businesses had to deal with was when they were going into lockdown. Due to the fact that many businesses are no longer operating at their former capacity, issues with pests have escalated. Best Pest Control were called out to quite a few lockdown pest emergency situations. Reduced business hours are another problem for commercial establishments.

pest control worker and cockroaches

For instance, many businesses are seeing a vast reduction in customers. What this means is that pests are now emboldened where they weren’t before. We have had reports of rats seen in broad daylight, which is something which rarely happened in the past. Another reason for this is the fact that pests have diminished access to food. Whereas before they would target places like restaurants, they can no longer do so. This has made certain types of pests more desperate and more of a problem.

Another issue with pest control for businesses are accumulated lockdown pest problems. You could be the owner of a business which was closed for months. A good example of this is restaurants. When owners returned to their kitchens, they discovered that pests had multiplied tenfold. Without people to chase them away pests were able to breed and are now running riot. This is a serious problem and pest control for businesses must be handled before you can run at full capacity.

Measures taken by pest control companies

  • The way we approach pest control for businesses has also changed. We still offer the full range in terms of the types of commercial pest control we provide. However, to prevent our technicians and clients from being infected we follow a strict set of guidelines. This includes various measures such as:
  • Ensuring that our technicians avoid public transport as much as possible. We stagger shifts so that technicians can avoid peak times.

routine deep cleaning


  • Maintaining social distancing and hygiene practices in our offices. We make sure that employees are kept separate from each other. Employees who can work from home are doing so.
  • Monitoring the health of our staff members. We immediately send any staff members who show symptoms home for 14 days.
  • Ensuring that technicians are wearing face masks at all times, and PPE when needed. Technicians wear protective gear to protect clients from possible infection.
  • Sanitising all vans and equipment. A good pest company will wash all vans and thoroughly clean equipment after every job.
  • Minimising our contact with clients when on site. We also do as much as we can off site.
  • Routinely deep cleaning our offices. We clean every inch of our offices daily in order to remain virus free.

Cleaning services we offer during COVID-19

While we’re on the subject of pest control for businesses, one thing about our company that sets us apart is that we have access to many anti-viral chemicals. Due to this, we are now running same day emergency anti-viral sanitisation services for both homes and businesses. This service is available throughout London and also the home counties.

cleaning liquid

We use a specialised anti-virus solution. When you spray this solution around your business it forms a film which kills and guards against the virus. We are able to clean every inch of your business with this anti-virus solution. This includes your entire office and all equipment, toilets and even soft furnishings. All businesses can benefit from this service.

You will have peace of mind knowing that that this service helps to protect your property against coronavirus infection.  Help guard the health of your staff and customers. Contact us now to learn more about our deep cleaning sanitisation service and pest control for businesses.