Pest Control Health and Safety

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Pest Control Health and Safety

Safety is our number one priority

Nothing is more important to Best Pest Control than health and safety. By strictly following all health and safety regulations, we protect both our customers and our technicians. We take great pains to maintain the highest standards of health and safety during the pest control process. We carry out all our services in strict compliance UK pest control regulations, including the Health & Safety Act 1974, the Food & Environmental Act 1985, the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 and COSHH.

Health and safety procedures

In order to keep you safe we do the following:

Baits – all our bait boxes are tamper resistant and cannot be opened. To gain access you need a key which only our technicians have. This protects pets and small children from coming into contact with the bait inside. If we have placed bait stations in your home or business, you should under no circumstance attempt to move them.

Pesticides – our technicians have undergone training that enables them to safety use all types of pesticide. In addition to this, they wear personal protective equipment (PPE) on all jobs. For your own safety, we keep you away from an area when pesticides are being sprayed. Our technicians will tell you when it is safe to enter the area.

Pest Control Health and Safety

Fogging – this form of pest control can be extremely hazardous. Only the technicians working should enter the area that is being fogged. Members of your household or the public should y not enter into the room being treated. This also applies to any rooms adjacent to it. It usually takes a while until it is safe to resume residence of your property This can be on average 6-12 hours, or in some cases a day afterward. Remember, even if you cannot see the fog, there may be residual particles in the air.

Health – Pest control has been an essential service during the pandemic. We follow strict guidelines around COVID-19 safe pest procedures in businesses and in homes during lockdown.

The safety of the environment

Best Pest Control is one of the few pest control companies who take environmental protection seriously. To help protect the environment, we conform to the strictest possible health, safety and environmental standards. Not only does this, but as we protect the environment, it also helps to safeguard our technicians, your family or customers and the public.

We do everything possible to lower the amount of potential damage caused by pesticides by practicing wildlife responsible pest control protocols. This includes only using them when we absolutely have to. In fact, many times we will use alternative methods to pesticides. We use heat treatment for insects, for example, which is chemical free. This helps to protect the environment and reduce our impact. As part of this commitment to an eco-friendly approach, we are a member of Think Wildlife. This is an organisation that provides guidelines for pest control companies who want to lessen the harm their pesticides might cause to the natural world.

Pest control safety regulations for pesticides

Most importantly, Best Pest Control follow a set of pest control safety practices known as COSHH. This stands for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations. These are essentially a set of pest control safety guidelines meant whose regulations protect the public from exposure to hazardous substances. As part of these pest control safety protocols,

Best Pest Control does the following.

  • Best Pest Control maintain safety data sheets on all pesticides used.
  • We asses if pesticides really need to be used and what the risks are.
  • We keep records of which pesticides were used and how much was applied. This includes which technician did the treatment and the type of PPE used.
  • Our company keeps records of the types and quantity of pesticides we store.
  • Best Pest Control maintains a record of how our technicians are trained and certified.
  • Our vehicles are properly marked with hazard symbols which warn the public about what is stored inside.
  • We inform business owners as to the types of pesticides we are using. This includes providing them with contact details in case of emergency.

You are safe with Best Pest Control

As you can see, we are serious about pest control safety. With these health and safety practices, you can engage our services knowing you are in safe hands.

Finally, we are extremely vigilant about who we employ. All our technicians are qualified, experienced and fully trained in all the latest pest control methods and equipment. Our pest control specialists are also DBS checked. This criminal record check is done to add to your peace of mind and safety.