Pest Control Tips for Lizards

Pest Control Tips for Lizards

Lizards are a widespread group of animal species that are also considered insects according to their sizes. They are of 6000 species and are found all over the world except Antarctica. They can be found in different sizes and different variants. They will move with their small legs and some of the lizards do not have legs and gets the body shape like snakes. These types of lizards will glide as fast as snakes. Though the lizards are less dangerous to humans, there are many people who are afraid of them of their appearance. These lizards are helpful in eliminating a number of pests like termites, ants, mosquitoes, roaches, and even houseflies and spiders. In this article, we will discuss the pest control tips for lizards.

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Pest Control Tips for Lizards

There are a number of ways to get rid of the lizards. You can eliminate them with some of the simple steps without any costs. It is important to treat the action of lizards at an early stage because they will build a nest and lay eggs and even gives birth to a number of babies. Then it will be hard to eliminate, follow the below steps to eliminate the presence of lizards in your home.

  1. 1. Deep Clean your house

Cleaning the place is one of the best processes to eliminate the infestation of any kind of pests. You can easily identify the place of infestation and where they are coming from. Usually, lizards will love to stay in dark and moist areas so the basement or a waste room will be perfect for them to build their nests. A deep cleaning helps to eliminate and destroy the nests. Try to deep clean your house once a month and keep your place dry with the presence of sunlight.

  1. 2. Avoid Standing Water

Like other insects and pests, lizards love to breed and live in water. They cannot live for a long time without water. So, it is important to cover your drinking water and eliminate the stagnant water in flowerpots or other places. The stagnant water will give a better place to live for lizards.

  1. 3. Keep Insects away from your home

Naturally, lizards are the natural enemy of many pests like termites, ants, roaches, house flies, and spiders. The presence of insects in your home will invite the new guest to get an attractive treat. The lizards love to eat insects, though this is helpful, their presence will make you fear hygiene.

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  2. 4. Seal your Home without any cracks

Usually, the house lizards size 3 to 4 inches and even smaller. Where the Comodo Dragon will find at 10 feet long. The house lizards are tiny compared with other species. They utilize their size to enter your home and build their own place in your favorite area. It is important to seal and cover all the cracks and holes in your home. This will eliminate the presence of lizards in your home.


Though there are several home remedies, they cannot withstand for a long time. Your guests will return to your home after some days. You can hire a professionals pest control service to eliminate the presence of lizards in your home for years. They will provide control measures to avoid the presence of lizards in the future.