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Our London moth control services

Best pest control is a moth control company in London. Very few people seek help with this problem. The reason why is because moths are not usually seen as a problem. This is in comparison to pests such as rodents and cockroaches.

That being said, moths can still wreak havoc. The place where they do the most damage is in your cupboards and closets. These bugs love to feed on clothing and can destroy your entire wardrobe. If you’re experiencing these sorts of issues, feel free to contact us at Best Pest Control. We deal with all varieties and types of moths and can eliminate them from your home forever.

Facts about London moth control

Most people have no problem with moths. This is probably because they are not as vile as other pests. They are also perceived as, “good” pests who do not cause damage. Unfortunately, these perceptions are incorrect. The fact is that moths can inflict just as much destruction. A good example of this is the common clothes moth. This moth can cause thousands of pounds of damage to your clothing, bedding, rugs and also furniture. Moths are also one of the most stubborn pests to get rid of.

wardrobe moth eaten

Clothes moths are particularly problematic for businesses. If your business sells textiles, clothing, carpets or upholstered goods, moths can cost you a fortune. This is especially true if you’re storing these goods. A common scenario is when businesses open up storage only to discover that moths have eaten holes in everything. This happens more often than some business owners would like to admit!

This scenario can be just as devastating for homeowners. Moths can damage sofas, carpets curtains, clothes and other soft items. In many cases you may have stored items which have sentimental value. Finding these items with holes in them is just as devastating. To prevent this, you could have your home or business fumigated or treated. Only this can protect you from clothes moths.

Why moths can be so destructive

The most common belief about moths is that they are attracted to light, but this isn’t actually true. In fact, the common clothes moth actually shuns the light and will search for dark spaces in which to hide.

Once moths find these spaces, they feed and to go work on destroying your home.

From there the population continues to grow and reproduce. Also note that it can take many months until moths reach maturity and begin feeding. For this reason, they often go undetected for a long time and then suddenly become an enormous problem.

clothing moth infestation

Some of the materials targeted for consumption include the following. Wool, fur, leather, feathers, brushes (especially those with natural bristles), cotton, linen, silk and also synthetic materials. If you have anything made out of these materials the moths will more than likely eat it. This is why it’s important to take proactive pest control measures. Do not wait until the moths begin feeding to call in the exterminator.

Get started with moth control in London

The first step is to find the source of the infestation. This needs to be done before the moths can be fumigated. These bugs commonly live in cupboards where clothing is stored. Go through your cupboards item by item and look for clothes which are damaged. This damage most often takes the form of holes in your clothes.

holes in clothing

Also look for the moths themselves, white larvae, casings and also feacal matter. Moth larva faeces have the appearance of dark brown pellets, usually 1mm in size. You may also see eggs which look like small white pills. These will usually be stuck to the sides of cupboards. If you see any of these things in your home or business, it’s recommended that you contact Best Pest Control immediately.

How Best Pest Control can assist you

Pest control treatments for London moths is a relatively straightforward procedure. Our firm has a variety of methods for removing moths. With our methods we can destroy all moths in your home, including their eggs, larva and pupa. If you’re not ready to have your house fumigated then you can use DIY methods like mothballs. There are also various poisons which can be bought in the supermarket.

That being said, these methods are not recommended as they are not known to be effective. Calling the exterminator is a far better option. We can help you with any type of pest control problem. If you’d like to stop moths dead in their tracks then get in touch with Best Pest Control immediately.