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Most people do not regard squirrels as pests. To the majority of homeowners, these animals are cute and harmless. The unfortunate fact is that squirrels can become a major nuisance. Not only that, these creatures are capable of causing immense amounts of damage to your property.

Why is squirrel control so important?

The reason why squirrels have become such a problem in London is because the squirrels you see are not native. The most commonly sighted squirrel is the grey squirrel, which has replaced the native red squirrels. These grey squirrels are extremely destructive and can cause thousands of pounds of damage to your home.

Another reason why these squirrels are classed as pests comes from the fact that there is a lack of available habitats in London. Due to the lack of forest and outdoor wooded recreation areas, they often make their homes in either your garden or home.

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Once this happens, they can use trees to make their way onto your roof. From there, they cause huge amounts of damage to your home. Squirrels can enter into attics, where they build their nests and cause further damage. If you’re having problems with squirrels, do not hesitate to contact us. Best Pest Control provides London squirrel control services and can get rid of these pests with very little effort.

What problems do squirrels cause?

What also makes these animals difficult to control, is their agility. Grey squirrels have an incredible ability to climb and jump. They also have a powerful ability to smell and hear. These capabilities allow them to rapidly move around your home, causing destruction and mayhem.

Grey squirrels breed with incredible speed. They mate twice a year, usually in February and also in June, and produce between 4-5 young. After ten weeks these offspring are fully grown and can then begin to mate.

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The reason why they take up residence in your garden is because it provides an ideal habitat for them. Most gardens are free of other animal competition, which makes them the perfect place to live. Your garden and home also provide squirrels with a source of food.

If they cannot find enough food in the garden, they will not hesitate to target your bins or bird feeders. In addition to this, squirrels are not shy about coming into your home to forage (especially if they have built a nest in your attic).

Getting rid of squirrels in London

Best Pest Control can help you with London squirrel control. This is something which should be done quickly. Remember, these animals multiply quickly. The longer you wait the more deeply entrenched they will become. Another issue with grey squirrels is that they love to strip the bark from trees. This can eventually kill your trees.

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This is only one of the ways that squirrels can damage your home and garden. Another way is gnawing. These animals are similar to rats. They gnaw on almost everything and this can cause damage to all parts of your home. They can chew on your loft insulation and damage structural building timbers. This makes a squirrel infestation one of the most dangerous commercial or residential pests in London.

Gnawing can become a serious problem if they make their way onto your roof or into your attic.  Squirrels often chew through electrical wires. This can lead to interruptions in your power supply, damage electrical appliances and even cause electrical failures.

Squirrel control in London made eawiresy

Best Pest control is a squirrel control company in London. We can help with pest control for London squirrels and have the tools needed to control these pests. Our technicians are highly experienced when it comes to removing squirrels. Whether it’s setting traps or physically removing the squirrels, we are able to get rid of them speedily. If you are having a problem with these animals, do not hesitate to contact Best Pest Control immediately.

Once we have dealt with the squirrels themselves, pest proofing is required. This includes sealing off all entry points that they may have used to get into your property. We offer assistance and advice on all aspects of pest proofing for squirrels and other invasive animals.