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If you have a wasps’ nest, or a suspected wasps’ nest, on your London property, Best Pest Control is here to help. While these insects are generally regarded as a nuisanclike, if they build a nest on your property, they can be a real problem. They could even become dangerous. Pest control for London wasps is especially important during summer. Wasps are most prevalent during warmer weather, especially in the suburbs of London.

What you need to know about wasp control

Wasps help the environment by feeding on invasive insects. They suppress pests like spiders, woodlice and other species. Despite this, they can still become a problem. The reason why is because they are attracted to almost any type of food.

Trying to eat outdoors or have a barbecue can end up being a nightmare. We all know what wasps like to snack on, which is usually sweet things. What makes wasps especially dangerous is the fact that they can sting. If they feel like you’re invading their territory, wasps will not hesitate to attack you. What’s more, unlike bees they are able to sting you multiple times. This is serious because many people are allergic to wasp stings. Getting stung means you could end up in the hospital or worse.

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If you run a restaurant, wasps can become a big issue. They could end up invading your pub garden or outdoor eating area and harassing patrons. This is obviously something you want to avoid. Best Pest Control can perform 24 hour pest control and remove wasps with minimal interruption to your business.

Professional wasp control done right

Wasp control isn’t a task you should attempt to do yourself. In our experience, something always goes wrong. The homeowner usually ends up with a swarm of angry wasps on their hands. It’s better to let Best Pest Control can take care of this problem.

If you try to remove their nest they will interpret it as an attack. When this happens the wasps will sting you. As we’ve said, this can be extremely dangerous. When wasps attack they also release a chemical which attracts other wasps and puts them on the attack. It’s an extremely bad idea to knock the nest down or hit it. You should also avoid using fire or water to drive the wasps away. This will only make wasps more aggressive than they already are.

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If you simply have a few wasps being annoying, the best thing to do is leave them alone. This is different to if there is a nest present. Once they have gathered food they will usually leave of their own accord. In addition to this, don’t swat at the wasps or try to chase them away. They may and sting you. That said, a more than normal number of wasps buzzing around your London garden may indicate a nest. So please contact us for advice.

Are you actually being invaded by wasps?

Many people confuse wasps with bees or hornets sightings. It can be hard to tell which is which. But there are a few key differences between them.  Wasps have black and yellow striped bodies and are generally 10-20mm long. Their bodies are also longer and have a smooth shiny surface. On the other hand, while bees are also yellow and black, they have rounder bodies and a fuzzier appearance. Another key difference is that bees can only sting once, and die after stinging you.

Wasps hibernate during winter. When summer comes around, they emerge from hibernation and begin constructing their nest. This is when wasp control services in London come into full force. The queen will lay eggs, and once these hatch the number of wasps increases exponentially.

Effective wasp control in London

While many people choose to ignore the presence of wasp nests, this is not a good idea. If you are planning to spend time outdoors then you should seriously think about removing the nest. This is especially true if you are a business with an outdoor eating area and are being invaded by wasps as they are one of the worst commercial pests in London . Don’t wait until someone has been attacked or customers complain.

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Remember, this isn’t something you should do yourself on the spur of the moment. Wasps nests are more difficult to remove than you think. There are certain procedures which Best Pest Control follow when removing nests. There are also things we do to ensure the wasps do not return.

Best Pest Control is a reputable wasp control company in London. We can remove nests with the minimum of fuss and danger. We can also help you prevent wasps by placing traps and sealing cracks and holes around your property. If you have spotted a nest in your garden, do not hesitate to contact Best Pest Control immediately.