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Protect Commercial Property With A Pest Contract

Why is a pest contract so important for commercial properties? The reason why is simple. You see, business owners know how valuable their properties are. Some properties generate a lot of income. The flip side to this is the need for property maintenance. In order to keep your business profitable it must be maintained. One of the biggest aspects of property maintenance is pest control.

Pests are a serious problem for commercial property owners and managers. Various types of pests cause huge amounts of damage. Not only that, in some cases they may literally drive customers out of the building. But what types of properties are targeted by pests and what is the best way to protect them?

Landlords and property agents need a pest contract

Some of the most vulnerable commercial property owners are landlords. Examples of these businesses include blocks of flats or bedsits. Basically any property which has tenants renting. As you may know, many tenants are completely unconcerned with cleaning which is why commercial pest control services are important.

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They may leave the kitchen in a mess and sometimes do not bother to throw away rubbish. Some tenants may even go years without vacuuming. And this makes sense. After all, it’s not their property so why should they care? But what this also means is that these properties are often totally infested with pests by the time they move out. Whether this is bed bugs, cockroaches or rats.

The easy solution to this is a pest contract. This way routine maintenance is carried out between tenants, and pests are prevented from being passed onto the next tenant.

If you own or rent a shop or restaurant then you should definitely have a pest contract. Restaurants are basically magnets for pests and food industry pest control is vital. These pests are attracted by the easy availability of food. Also, depending on what the shops in your building sell, they may also attract pests. Supermarkets and food related shops are often infested by pests.

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Pest contracts mean regular premises maintenance

A pest contract is also extremely valuable for people who own storage facilities and warehouses. Depending on what you store, pests may be highly attracted to your business. This is especially true if your store food products or clothing. These pests may cause thousands of pounds in damage without you even knowing it. This is why routine pest maintenance is so vitally important.

Another type of commercial property which should have a pest contract are manufacturers and factories. No matter what you’re making you do not want pests hanging around. Pests create a health and safety hazard, and can also damage the goods you are making. Routine pest control maintenance will go a long way in preventing this.

If you are in the health or public services sector?

In this situation you should also have a pest contract. This includes doctors, dentists, hair salons, beauticians or even tanning shops. Hygiene is important in these types of businesses. For this reason you should have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to pests. For people who own nursing homes this is especially important. Pests spread diseases and can harm the health of elderly people.

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If your property is being used to educate people. For example, if it’s a school or college then pest control is vitally important. Pests also harm the health of young people and these types of places must be kept free of pests.

No matter what type of commercial property you own it’s important to carry out routine pest control. Remember, pests cause damage over time. In the long run this costs thousands of pounds to repair. We are still running lockdown pest control services during the pandemic. Pest control is a far cheaper alternative and actually saves you money over time.