Reasons for Snake Infestation in Your Home

Reasons for Snake Infestation in Your Home

Snakes are always scary because of their rugged appearance and the poison in their teeth. Many snakes are too dangerous to humans, whose bite will lead to death. But many people grow snakes as their pets, and many religions have snakes as a sacred species. It is important to know that not all snakes are venomous and dangerous. Many snake species look scary, but their bite will not harm you. But for most people, the snake’s appearance is enough to scare them. It should be noted that having a snake in your home is not good, and here we will discuss the Reasons for Snake Infestation in Your Home.

Most people enjoy seeing snakes at zoos but never desire one in their house, except for those who enjoy making friends with and raising a snake as a pet. Being surrounded by snakes constantly puts your life in danger; thus, it is terrifying. Understanding the causes of wildlife infestation and the preventative steps you can take is crucial. Let’s discuss the reasons behind snake infestation in your home.

Reasons for Snake Infestation in Your Home

Reasons for Snake Infestation

Snakes prefer damp and cold places that are safe enough to lay eggs and increase the population. Summer is the perfect season for snakes to enter your home when the temperature rises and the climate dries.

Places like the attic, basement, and cellar will be cold enough compared to the temperature outside. So, your home will be the perfect place for them to stay safe.

Like other animals and reptiles, snakes will look for a safe place to lay eggs free from predators and human invasion. So, they will select places like the basement and attic to lay eggs which are perfect for avoiding direct sunlight and animal attacks. Likewise, damp places like the kitchen sink and bathroom are ideal for snakes to stay safe.

Ways to Get Rid of Snake Infestation

  • Ways to Get Rid of Snake Infestation
  • Lemongrass is a hardy herb that helps ward off ticks, insects, and snakes. Having lemongrass around your property will protect your home. It’s best to keep them indoors during the severe winter because they don’t grow well in high temperatures. They will deter snakes and fill the air with a citrus aroma.
  • Garlic and onions are also effective snake repellents. To do so, make a spray using garlic cloves or garlic oil and spray it around your home to avoid snakes and other pests.
  • Clove and cinnamon are two powerful essential oils that can deter snakes. The two components should be combined in an exact ratio and placed in a spray container. You can apply this to any surface in and around your house.
  • Marigolds are commonly used as a mosquito repellent but can deter snakes too. The smell of the marigold is what deters the creatures and reptiles. They are simple to grow and need wet soil and consistent sunlight. It is best to put these along your property’s boundary.


The above listed are some methods to deter snakes from your home, and I hope the article will help you know the reasons behind snake infestation. However, if you are scared and unaware of the DIY methods, hire a professional pest control service.