5 Resolutions for a Pest-Free New Year 2023

5 Resolutions for a Pest-Free New Year 2023

Hurray! 2023 is coming! After facing the world-dominated COVID and Russia-Ukraine war, now we are stepping into the fresh and peaceful start of the next year. Resolutions are common, but New Year’s resolution is a special one because not everyone can follow their words every day or for the whole year. But what if the resolution gives peace, physical, and mental well-being? Does it make sense? Here we go, one of the common problems faced by every UK home is pests and insects. Especially, winter is the best season for all the pests to find shelter in your home. So, here, we brought you a piece of advice with 5 resolutions for a pest-free new year, by following these tips you can avoid pests entering your home.

5 Resolutions for a Pest-Free New Year 2023

The resolution is not just a word, if you took a resolution you need to follow it. These resolutions are for the homemakers who love their home more than anything, and who are responsible for the physical and mental health of their families.

Here are the 5 resolutions you should take to keep your home pest-free,

1. I Will Declutter My Home

I Will Declutter My Home

Decluttering a home is the best habit ever, it helps to increase space in your home. While decluttering you can find your old memories that are lost many months ago, and you can separate the wanted and unwanted items to keep inside.

The start of the New Year is the best time to declutter your home, you can throw away unwanted memories with the things you do not need. Decluttering helps you to spot the hiding places of pests and insects like bed bugs, termites, ants, wasps, and even the rodents like mice and rats. You can eliminate them immediately if you found any of them and plan accordingly to avoid the space for pests.

2. I Will Clean My Kitchen Everyday

I Will Clean My Kitchen Everyday

The kitchen is the perfect place for rodents and pests like roaches and ants to stay safe. Because it is the place where they can hide safely and get food at any time. So, try to clean your kitchen every day and every time after completing your cooking and vessel washing works.

3. I Will Close the Trash Can with a Tight Lid

I Will Close the Trash Can with a Tight Lid

Pests have stronger smelling sense than humans, they can find their food at any place with a smell. Trash cans in the kitchen are the biggest attractor of pests and rodents inside your home, try to close them tightly with a lid, it is advisable to use metal cans instead of plastics because rodents like mice and rats can chew plastic materials.

4. I Will Store Firewood Away from My House

I Will Store Firewood Away from My House

Firewood and woodpiles are the biggest attractors of termites and other wood-boring insects like beetles. Try to place your firewood away from your home to reduce the risk of termite infestation. It is advisable to keep your firewood at least 20 feet away from your living area and 5 inches above the ground which will avoid the attraction of termites.

5. I Will Seal All the Cracks and Gaps

I Will Seal All the Cracks and Gaps

Cracks and gaps are the entry point of all insects and rodents. Try to seal all the cracks with cement which is a permanent solution, and this will avoid the entry of pests inside your home. It is also advisable to use mesh over the window frames to avoid mosquito bites.


The above listed are the best 5 resolutions for a pest-free home, try to share this information with your neighbors, friends, and families to help them with pest problems. These are temporary solutions and you should repeat the processes regularly, if you want to get rid of pests and insects for years hire a professional pest control service.