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We Offer Pest Proofing Services And Support After The Extermination Or Removal Process Is Complete

Wherever possible, pest-proofing should be done before pests become a problem. We will give you expert advice and guidance on this. There is no advantage to leaving pest proofing jobs until there is an infestation. However, sometimes this is the situation our clients are in. In either case, it is essential to guarantee that the job is carried out appropriately. We know the best way to approach any kind of pest proofing, whether it’s summer pests or pests that thrive in winter by coming into your home.

At Best Pest Control we have a wide range of different pest proofing techniques, capable of dealing with a number of different pests, including rats and mice. These help with controlling the pest population on an ongoing basis. We can help you to maintain a completely pest-free environment. We have a 24 hour pest management service for London and all surrounding areas.

There are several different ways you can approach the control and removal of rodents, birds and insects from your premises and local environment. Physical control methods, including trapping and pest proofing, certainly have their merits as an effective way of dealing with pests. Knowing how and when to apply a particular method s essential to ensuring your problem is dealt with successfully.

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The Advantages Of Various Types Of Pest Proofing Methods, Including Traps And Sticky Boards

The advantage of traps is that you can see if you have captured a rodent. This also reduces the threat of rats dying an inaccessible area. This could produce a foul smell and fly problems and maggot activity if not disposed of. Again, our technicians will advise you.

The advantages of sticky boards are that you can capture more than one rodent on each pad, unlike the conventional rodent traps. You can also see the main locations where rodents are frequenting, by the quantities captured on boards.  We place them in numerous accessible locations on your property, where thy might be required. This avoids the problems associated with rats dying in inaccessible areas. As this can produce a foul odour and lead to fly and maggot activity (which is harder to get rid of).

The drawbacks of the above catches are that they need to be inspected frequently. There is additionally a risk of injury to non-target insects, pets and children. They must be places in safe and secure areas. There are rigorous guidelines regarding the regularity of re-checking, as it is considered inhumane to leave a rodent still alive in distress, adhered to sticky board. Be aware that glue will shed its sticky capability when left in dusty locations like stockrooms and also bakeries. However, our experts will advise you on what to do.

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