steps to stop getting squirrels in your attic

Steps to Stop Getting Squirrels In Your Attic

Are you repeatedly dealing with squirrels in your attic? Not only is this problem highly irritating, it can also be extremely expensive. Don’t forget, like all pests, squirrels cause damage. If they are constantly invading your attic, then more and more of this damage will accumulate. This may end up costing you a fortune to repair. But how do you stop getting squirrels in your attic?

Preventing squirrels getting in

The first thing you need to do is prevent the squirrels from entering into your attic. Closely examine your attic for entry points. These may include large cracks and also gaps beneath the eaves of your roof. Wherever you find these entrances, seal them up. If the problem has got out of control you will need to call in emergency pest control services.

Squirrels may also enter in through your chimney, so find a way to prevent this. Placing mesh over the top of your chimney is probably the simplest solution. You may need to employ someone to do this for you.

chimney of a house

Next, have tree branches which are overhanging your roof, trimmed by a tree surgeon. Squirrels use tree branches as a type of ladder to get into your attic, so this is why you should trim back branches. When doing this you should also clean up your garden. Cut grass and bushes and clear away refuse. An overgrown garden will attract all types of pests.

Other things attracting squirrels to your home

Something else which may attract squirrels into the garden are bird feeders. If you’re having problems with squirrels in your attic, you may want to consider getting rid of your bird feeder or changing it for a squirrel-poof one. Bird feeders can attract not only squirrels but may also encourage rat infestations. Something else which may be causing the problem is pet food. Be careful when feeding your pets. You should take pet food bowls in at night or at least clean them. Also, if you have a vegetable patch consider enclosing this. Basically, any source of food can attract squirrels and they could eventually get into your attic.

squirrel and bird feeder

The cause of squirrels in your attic could also be because your attic is messy. Remember, pests are generally attracted to any place that is dirty. Go up into your attic and clean every inch of it. Throw away clutter and anything that you don’t need anymore. Tidy up the nooks and crannies which squirrels may use to hide away.

Also think about what you’re keeping in your attic. You may be attracting squirrels if you’re storing any type of food. Anything stored in your attic, should be done so in boxes or containers, with firmly fitting lids that cannot be prised open by small animal claws and paws.

Inspect your attic

Along with this you should routinely inspect your attic. The reason why you have squirrels in your attic may simply be because you do not often go up there. Pests gravitate towards places where humans will not disturb them. To rectify this, you should inspect your attic regularly, for example at least once a month. Go up there with a torch and chase away any squirrels which have taken up residence.

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Finally, if you still have squirrels in your attic then contact us. Our technicians have many solutions for dealing with squirrels. We can pest proof your attic to prevent them getting in, and also place traps and poisons. Ultimately, this problem should be taken care of quickly. Squirrels cause damage and the longer this issue persists the more damage they cause.