10 Stink Bug Prevention Methods

10 Stink Bug Prevention Methods

Winter season has started, Christmas is coming soon! It smells like a pumpkin pie that fills around the house. Winter is the best season for many pests to enter your home. One of the most nuisance insects are stink bugs, which can enter your home through structural damage. Due to climatic change and weather conditions, they enter your house to search for food and warm shelter. Though stink bugs are not so dangerous to human health, they can produce an unpleasant smell which is an odoriferous nuisance around the home. It is important to eliminate and avoid the presence of stink bugs because they will enter with their huge colonies like termites and ants. In this article, we will discuss 10 stink bug prevention methods.

10 Stink Bug Prevention Methods

These stink bug prevention methods are natural control methods, which is also called DIY methods. If you cannot eliminate their presence with the help of these methods, then you should hire a professional pest control service. The experts will help you to get rid of bugs for years, and the home methods are listed below.

  1. Seal entry points
  2. Replace and repair
  3. Turn off lights
  4. Reduce moisture
  5. Eliminate food sources
  6. Ventilate
  7. Check your belongings
  8. Properly landscape
  9. Think before squishing
  10. Use a Vacuum

Seal entry points

Seal Entry Points

Like termites and ants, these stink bugs can enter your home through any of the holes. It is important to inspect for cracks and gaps around your home, if you found any cracks immediately seal the crack with silicone or silicone-latex caulk.

Replace and Repair

Though they are tiny species, they can enter any of the gaps in your windows and doors. Make sure that the windows and doors are closed properly without any gap. If you found any try to repair or replace it, also install a door sweep if necessary.

Turn off lights

Like other flies, stink bugs are attracted by light easily, it is important to turn off lights outside your home. Use dim lights during the night which will reduce the chance of bugs entering your home.

Reduce Moisture

Reduce Moisture

Moisture is the first attractor of any of the pests, insects love to feed on water. It is important to eliminate standing water in and around your home, these stink bugs cannot live without water, so they will die soon without water if they enter your place.

Eliminate Food Sources

Eliminate Food Sources

These stink bugs will search for food in your place, so it is important to eliminate the food source. Store all the food products in an airtight container, and regularly sweep out the wastes and collect them in a trash can with a tight lid.


Ventilate your garage and attic with the use of a dehumidifier, which will avoid the presence of bugs. It is important to cover your chimney and attic vents with a closed screen.

Check your Belongings

If you are out of the home, check all your grocery bags and other decoration boxes before entering your home. Because these bugs will stick with the properties and enter your home. Once they are inside then it is difficult to eliminate them.

Properly Landscape

Wood products can easily attract stink bugs, not only stink bugs but also termites and beetles. Place the branches and firewood atleast 20 feet away from your living area and 5 inches above the ground.

Think Before Squishing

Most of the people have the habit of squishing stink bugs if they found any. But it is not safe, these stink bugs will generate a bad-smelling and bad-tasting odour when disturbed or crushed. This is done by stink bugs to prevent their lives from attacks.

Use A Vacuum

Use a Vacuum

All the above methods are used to avoid stink bugs entering your home. But what will you do when bugs are already present in your home? A complete vacuum can help you to catch the stink bugs from your house. It is important to cover the vacuum bag and dispose of it outside your home because the dead bugs leave a residue inside the bag.


Hop that the above-listed stink bug prevention methods will be helpful for you. If you cannot eliminate or avoid stink bugs entering your home, you can hire a professional pest control service. The professional experts will help you to sweep out the entire organisms present in your home for years.