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Stop Pests From Ruining Your Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving and spending time with family and friends (even if it is in a limited way this year) . That being said, this can also be a time of mess, mountains of food and general untidiness. This can become a major issue because of pests. All pests are attracted to food and rubbish. Once inside, these pests can breed quickly and ruin your Christmas. To stop pests and keep your house clean here are some tips you can follow.

To stop pests, you first need to understand why they more frequently appear during Christmas. There are two reasons for this: food and mess. You see, it’s extremely easy to accumulate stuff around the home during Christmas. There are many reasons why this happens. You may be hosting family, buying many presents or having guests over. You may also be having family staying with you. Some pests also thrive in winter conditions.

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People also tend to go shopping more often in Christmas as well. These shopping trips are usually for food and also gifts (even if it’s online). This food needs to be stored. More than likely your cupboards are overflowing, and this means pests.

How to stop pests invading Christmas festivities

Then there’s Christmas day itself. On this day you’ll probably spend hours cooking or eating food, and this will leave behind massive amounts of rubbish. Then there’s opening presents. This will also generate piles of wrapping paper and the presents themselves. In fact, you may have large amounts of unwanted gifts. Not only that, wrapping and packaging is the ultimate material for building nests. Mice love to use wrapping paper when making their nests, so make sure you know the signs of mice to prevent this problem.

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All of these activities will attract pests. If you’re having family over there’s going to be a huge amount of eating and cooking. All of this means cooking and cleaning up. This can easily draw pests to your home. Plus, there’s all the rubbish left behind. You’ve probably noticed that you often end up with way more rubbish than usual around Christmas time. There may be boxes and bottles piled around your rubbish bins. These provide a great place for pests to hide and find food for themselves. To stop pests, you need to avoid this.

This rubbish can attract many different types of pests. You may notice ants suddenly emerging in large numbers and building a trail to your rubbish bin. If dishes pile up and food is left out, then you may get unwanted visitors. Cockroaches can also become a problem. These insects have an incredible sense of smell and make a beeline to any available food.

Steps to take to prevent Christmas pests

To stop pests during Christmas you need to avoid this. No one wants to work during Christmas time, but unfortunately this cannot be avoided. Leaving a mess in your home for several days can create serious issues with pests down the line. The pests will eat their fill and then go back to their nests and breed like crazy. This means you could soon face a major infestation and you will then need residential pest control.

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To stop pests, you need to make an effort to keep your home clean. The easiest way to do this is throw out your rubbish. If you have bags of rubbish, leave these bags outside, not in the corner of your kitchen. Also, try to do the dishes before you go to bed at night. You can also stop pests by putting uneaten food away in plastic containers. In you have family staying over then try to get them to lend a hand. Many hands make light work and they should feel obliged to do this.