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The Advantages Of Hiring BPCA Members

If you’ve read any of the posts on this blog, you may have noticed something. This something is the fact that we repeatedly mention our membership in the BPCA. This acronym stands for British Pest Control Association, and it’s something we think is very important. But why is this important? Also what are the advantages of hiring BPCA members over ordinary pest controllers? Here’s a short explanation.

Why you should only hire BPCA members

BPCA members are required to follow a certain set of standards. These include:

1. Following industry codes of best practice

In order to do the best job possible BPCA members follow stringent guidelines. This includes rules we follow during every stage of the job. These rules govern how we exterminate, manage, and control pests.  They cover how we write up reports and how we dispose of pesticides. Also, how we use our tools. For example, there are certain rules we follow when using traps. These rules ensure that the animal does not suffer unnecessarily and is killed in a humane way. Finally, there are also best practice guidelines which govern how technicians are managed and deployed.

industry rules

2. Perform due diligence, while meeting legal requirements, and complying with legislation

UK legislation regarding pesticide usage is some of the toughest in the World. This is because the chemicals we use are absolutely lethal. In order to protect the public, there are dozens of guidelines which BPCA members must follow. Failure to do so could result in possible prosecution. This is why we perform in-depth due diligence before each job. We do not blindly spray pesticides which could end up being harmful to wildlife. Every detail of the treatment is worked out with mathematical precision. We know exactly how much pesticide needs to be sprayed and why.

3. Adhere to safety regulations and protect customers and the public

Safety is paramount for BPCA members. A member will do everything required to protect the safety of both the public and their clients. In order to do this we carry out RISK and COSHH assessments.

safety regulations

The RISK assessment is a detailed, step by step process which helps us determine the risks involved in a job. The COSHH assessment is an examination of any task which involves the use of hazardous substances. By working through these assessments and following pesticide regulations, we protect the health of technicians, the public, and most importantly clients.

4. See that jobs are done by trained and qualified experts

All technicians who work for us are trained and qualified in the field of pest control. They are licensed, insured, experienced, and know exactly what they are doing. Something else which is important is that our staff undergo CPD. This stands for continuing professional development, and means that we are constantly improving the skills of our technicians.

This CPD is done through the use of tests, educational material, training programs and events. All members of the BPCA are required to participate in these, otherwise membership is revoked. What this basically means is that BPCA members are guaranteed to know their stuff!

trained experts

The bottom line is that hiring us or taking out a pest control contract means you get access to a superior quality of work. By following the above mentioned points we are able to work to a certain standard. There are rules we follow when exterminating pests, and this means the job is done right. What’s more, the job is done safely, and without risk to the client. Most importantly, our technicians know what they are doing, and are constantly improving their skills.