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Top UK Warehouse Pest Control Problems

If you’re running a storage facility then warehouse pest control is one of your most important tasks. It’s easy to see why. Various types of pests can cause extensive damage to stored goods. This may result in irate customers, financial losses and also the loss of business.

In fact, according to sources, damage caused by pests accounts for 30% of all damages to stored products. This may sound like an exaggeration. But anyone who has dealt with warehouse pest control will know these figures are entirely accurate.

Pest control problems if you run a warehouse

The severity of commercial pest control issues will mostly depend on what you’re storing. If your warehouse stores food products then you are particularly vulnerable. Stored food products attract all sorts of pests. These include vermin such as rodents, cockroaches and in some cases flies. But it is not only packaged food products which attract pests. If you are storing large quantities of fruit or other raw food then pests will also be a constant problem with food industry pests.

food in warehouse

The biggest issue with these pests is that they spread disease. They may also enter stored products and contaminate them with bacteria. This is a serious problem because it’s not simply a case of cleaning up the mess. The stored food products will have to be disposed of entirely. This may result in thousands or even millions of pounds in damage.

Another issue with warehouse pest control is moths

These pests are a huge problem for anyone who stores clothing. They can also become an irritation if you are storing things like furniture, carpets or anything made of soft fabric. Moths feed on these materials and can easily destroy them. Moths also enjoy eating paper goods. This means they can create havoc if you are storing books or anything made from paper or cardboard.

clothes storage

Birds also cause problems in warehouses. These pests can damage your roof through building their nests. They can also enter into the warehouse through your roof and contaminate goods via defecation or urination. Birds are often seen flying around large warehouses. Not only that, they have been known to peck at stored items and damage them in this way.

Rodents damage your building and your stock

Warehouse pest control is also important due to the fact that pests cause property damage. Rats are known for using parts of buildings to construct their nests. They are also known for chewing through electrical wiring and other cables. This can cause electrical fires and interruptions in the power supply. Birds will also tear your warehouse apart when building their nests.

No matter what type of goods are being stored, warehouse pest control is absolutely vital. All pest types must be kept under control. Failing to do so may result in damage or contamination of goods. This could lead to losses worth millions of pounds and also the loss of customers. After all, no one wants to store goods in an insect or rodent infested warehouse.

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Pests are always a problem for warehouses. Vermin are almost impossible to keep out. They return over and over again even with the most stringent hygiene measures in place. This is why the easiest way to carry out warehouse pest control is with a pest control contract. When you take out a contract, our pest control technicians will engage in routine maintenance. This helps you keep your warehouse free of all pests and prevents them from damaging goods.