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UK Pests That Thrive In Colder Weather

Most UK pests enjoy the heat of Summer. Hot weather acts almost like an incubator and allows them to breed faster and survive better. There is also more food for them during the Summer. That being said, this isn’t always true. There are certain UK pests which thrive in colder weather.

What types of UK pests thrive in cold weather?

When we say colder weather, this doesn’t necessarily mean Winter. You see, the reason why UK pests often thrive in colder weather is because of humans. Our homes provide shelter for pests and also a source of food. When the weather is cool, they come into our homes and are able to thrive and survive the cold outside. Pest proofing is still important during the winter months.

These conditions are prevalent all year round. No matter what the weather is like, pests can find warmth and food in our homes. Any type of pest can be attracted. This includes all of the common pests like cockroaches, rodents, ants, wasps, flies and many more. It can even include animal pests like foxes and birds.

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The problem with UK pests in your home is that they can remain active all year around. Most pests have periods of inactivity or hibernate during Winter. But, as we said, your home acts like an incubator for pests. It means they no longer have to hibernate, and this causes a number of problems.

The biggest is that their breeding capabilities go into overdrive. Pests no longer have to deal with the elements or the problem of finding food. This means that pests in your home can begin to breed at an exponential rate. This is why it often seems impossible to get rid of them.

The most common example of this is pests like rodents. Rats in your home often reproduce at a phenomenal speed and cause gigantic amounts of damage. Your home gives them access to almost unlimited amounts of food. This means their young survive and grow quickly and soon have offspring of their own.

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Another good example is cockroaches, who also breed quickly when living in homes. Cockroaches prefer warmer temperatures. This makes your kitchen their dream environment. They have convenient access to food and a warm place to live. This is especially true in restaurant kitchens.

What should you do?

Another reason why UK pests thrive in our homes is often because people don’t do anything about them. In most cases you may not be aware of the pests. This means they can live in your home on a permanent basis. They have food, shelter, and are also free from harassment by predators. This is why rats and mice are so attracted to homes. On the outside they are in constant danger from birds of prey, dogs, cats and weasels. These predators target the rodents or their babies, but in your home, they no longer have this problem. Make sure you know the signs of pests in your home.

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The bottom line is that UK pests are attracted to your home because of the easy availability of food and shelter. This is especially true during colder weather and in Winter. Your home provides them with ideal conditions to survive and breed. This means their numbers can multiply exponentially and makes them very hard to get rid of. To prevent this, you should pest proof your home or use a professional pest proofing service. Stop them from getting inside in the first place. If it’s too late, and pests have already taken hold, then do yourself a favour and call an exterminator.